Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Chapter 185 - SUMMARY

Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Chapter 185

Chapter 185: The Queen of Thin Ice - Part 8

Several months have passed since the school festival ended, and Mafuyu has not been able to make progress with Nariyuki, as she continues to think about absurd things like the age difference.

Then, Mafuyu receives some tickets from her sister to enter the amusement park, so she decides to use them to invite Nariyuki.

For a moment, Mafuyu thinks it would be best to give up on Nariyuki, as her relationship with him has not progressed so far. However, seeing that Nariyuki is being called by others, Mafuyu gets his attention by pulling him by the shirt.

After that, Nariyuki and Mafuyu are on the wheel of fortune, and each of them is given a pair of knitted gloves. At that moment, Mafuyu notices that her glove is ripped, which caused her to fail in the game, and in such a situation, she gives a sigh as she thinks that such things only happen to her when she is next to Nariyuki.

Seeing Mafuyu's reactions, Nariyuki tells her that all those things together make her look great, beautiful and charming. Hearing this, Mafuyu confesses her feelings to Nariyuki and tells him that she loves him.

Once Mafuyu finishes saying what she feels, she hugs Nariyuki and then they kiss.

At that moment, Mafuyu thought:

"He is my former student, my colleague and the person I love most. As a result, I wonder if I made some kind of mistake...? Foolish, it doesn't matter, because when I'm with him, I can worry, make mistakes and walk with him."

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