Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Chapter 187 - SUMMARY

Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Chapter 187

Route: 6/5

It has been a week since the school festival ended. Nariyuki and the others are gathered in the library studying, as the girls seem to be in academic trouble again.

Suddenly, Asumi, who is dressed as a maid, appears in the library to deliver an order, and right behind her, Mafuyu also appears, who is angry, and tells her not to walk around dressed like that.

After a moment, everyone remembers what happened that night at the school festival.

It turns out, that night when the girls fell on top of Nariyuki, they all ended up shaking hands with him the moment the fireworks started. Thus, they were all affected by that "urban legend". In the end, Nariyuki ends up fainting.

But how did that urban legend about the fireworks come about?

Some time ago, when Teruaki was a high school student, he enjoyed the fireworks with Hanae. The two were holding hands at that time. In this way, Teruaki was in charge of spreading that urban legend about fireworks.

Going back to the present, the girls are worried about what happened that night, but Nariyuki tells them not to worry, that no matter what happens, they will know how to deal with it.

At that moment, the girls, who look a little surprised, look at Nariyuki and... they remember something.

Uruka remembers what happened on her route and, in the same way, Rizu, Fumino, Asumi and Mafuyu do too. They are all embarrassed because they don't know if what happened was a dream or maybe...

"Is something wrong with you guys...?" Nariyuki asked.

"Nothing happens!!!" they all answered emphatically.

Apparently, the only one who has no memory at all is Nariyuki.

After a moment, the girls calm down and continue studying next to Nariyuki, while Mafuyu keeps an eye on them.

"As long as we believe in that, our journey will continue, no matter what we go through tomorrow or what we become."


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