Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 168 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 168

Chapter 168: The boyfriend and daily life

Some time has passed, it is the first week of October and Kazuya starts a new day. In his room, Kazuya is just getting up, and next to him, his "little friend from below" is also getting up. Now, Kazuya feels motivated, so he decides to watch some videos with erotic content to satisfy his "little friend from below". Once Kazuya finishes pleasing himself, he decides to do it again for the second time... And so, we begin with Wajuya's daily life, sorry, I mean with Kazuya's daily life.

Back at the university, Kazuya meets his friend Kuribayashi, and when he sees him, he is quite surprised, since at first he doesn't recognize him because he is tanned.

"Huh? Who are you?" exclaimed Kazuya.

"Come on, Kazuya. It is me, Kuribayashi."


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Once Kazuya calms down, he starts talking to Kuribayashi, but suddenly his other friend appears, and when he sees him, Kazuya is surprised again, since his friend has a girlfriend.

"Wait a minute, isn't she Mizuhara's friend," Kazuya thought. "Yes, she's definitely her friend, but... will she be okay?"

"Hey, Kazuya! Are you okay?" asked Kuribayashi.

Kazuya stares at his friend and tries to pull himself together, as for some reason he feels unmotivated, but at that moment someone appears behind him.

"Oh, master," said Yaemori with a smile.

"Eh!? Yaemori-chan!" exclaimed Kazuya nervously.

Faced with such a situation, Kazuya worries about the first impression Yaemori can make of Kuribayashi, since, after all, it is the first time they meet... or so he believes.

"Oh, Mini-chan," said Kuribayashi as he raised his hand in greeting.

Seeing that, Kazuya is quite surprised.

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Then, it turns out that, Yaemori and Kuribayashi were already friends for a long time, and rather, the surprise was for Kuribayashi when he saw that his friend knew Kazuya.

"By the way, do you two know each other?" asked Kuribayashi.

"Yes, we are neighbors," Yaemori answered.

Looking around, Kazuya felt he missed out on many things. Now his friend has a girlfriend and his other friend knows Yaemori very well.

After that, Kazuya is at work and is welcomed by Ruka, who shows him a lovely smile. Upon seeing her, Kazuya blushes, as Ruka is wearing a slightly revealing maid's uniform.

Then Ruka approaches Kazuya and asks him enthusiastically how she looks in that maid's outfit, to which Kazuya blushes even more and thinks, "She's too close!"

Suddenly, the manager appears and tells Kazuya to get to work, since he must, after all, pay the advance on his salary that he asked for.

After a while, Kazuya and Ruka are cleaning one of the rooms. The two are talking, and suddenly Ruka slaps her hand and says, "Good! Then the truce ends here! From now on, I'll act like I always did!"

Ruka stares at Kazuya and asks him to go on a trip with her. Hearing this, Kazuya is quite surprised and asks her why she is asking him something so sudden.

"This is the only way I can cut the distance with Chizuru-san, and as your girlfriend, I have the right to ask you," Ruka replied as she approached Kazuya.

Kazuya doesn't know what to answer, so Ruka proposes to go on a trip to the hot springs.

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  1. Wait I’m little confused that Ruka tells Kazuya to go to hot spring
    Is Ruka telling that she wants Kazuya to go to hot spring with Chizuru
    Is Ruka telling that she wants Kazuya to go to hot spring with her (Ruka)

    1. Hi, CrankiestManx95
      Ruka tells Kazuya that she wants to go to the hot springs with him (not Chizuru).

  2. Holy shit. This manga is a complete cash cow.

  3. Where can I see raw

  4. aww man this is just gonna be a waste of chapter i dont like ruka with kazuya :<


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