Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 169 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Hot springs and the temporary girlfriend

On a morning like any other, Chizuru, who is on her balcony and sitting on a chair, remembers the moment when she was crying in Kazuya's arms, and remembering all that, she blushes while drinking some tea.

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On the other hand, Kazuya, who looks a little exalted, tells Ruka that he cannot go on a trip with her. And hearing that, Ruka gets angry, so she raises her voice and says, "Why? Lately you've only been with Chizuru. And I, who am your girlfriend, just ask you to take care of me as you should!"

At that moment, Kazuya analyzes what Ruka said and tells himself that she is partly right, since he has not been taking care of her as he should. However, even though Ruka is right, Kazuya tells her that there is no way he can go on a trip with her.

Ruka gets angry and in a quick movement she hugs Kazuya with all her strength and asks him to pat her head. And when Kazuya saw that he could not get away from Ruka, he gave up and patted her head.

Faced with such a situation, Kazuya proposes Ruka to go to "Hisamatsuyu", which is a kind of spa where there are hot springs. Then, Ruka stares at Kazuya, then analyzes the proposal and asks him to hug her.

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When Kazuya hears this, he is surprised, but he has no choice but to hug Ruka, who approaches him, hugs him tightly and with a smile says, "Okay, let's go."

Once they reach Hisamatsuyu, Kazuya and Ruka enter different bathrooms. In the bath, Kazuya is surprised by how hot the water is, then he calms down and remembers the moment when Chizuru cried on his shoulder.

After that, Kazuya gets out of the bath and Ruka, who is wearing a kimono, is waiting for him outside. When he sees her, Kazuya blushes because of how incredibly beautiful she looks.

After a moment, both return to their respective homes. And on the way, Kazuya begins to think that the best thing would be to end up with Ruka, since, after all, he loves Chizuru.

In his room, Kazuya takes another bath, and when he gets out of the shower, he starts thinking that it is not right to like a girl as pretty as Chizuru, since he doesn't even know how she feels about him.

Suddenly, Kazuya receives a message by Line from Chizuru, which says, "Are you free this Saturday?"

Next time: "Yes, I'm free!"

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