Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 172 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 172

Chapter 172: The girlfriend and the date? - Part 2

After asking Chizuru to join him for lunch, Kazuya begins to blush, then makes pathetic expressions on his face as he tells himself it was not a good idea to invite her to lunch.

At that moment, Kazuya immerses himself in his thoughts and tries not to look at Chizuru's expression, since he believes that perhaps she will reject him in the worst way. But then he gets his courage up and, with a flushed face, slowly lowers his gaze and says, "It will only be a lunch...! There is nothing to worry about!"

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Chizuru stares at Kazuya and answers, "But what would my other customers say? I don't think it's a good idea..."

"Y-yes, you're right!" exclaimed Kazuya. "Well, then forget it! See you later!"

At that moment, Kazuya starts to walk away and tells himself that it was obvious that Chizuru would reject him, since, after all, she is a rental girlfriend. And as he walks away, Kazuya, who is teary-eyed, regrets having invited her to lunch.

Meanwhile, Chizuru watches Kazuya slowly walk away. And for a moment, she is silent, but then she says, "Wait. Let's do it. Let's go have lunch."

Hearing that, Kazuya is very, very surprised, and can't believe what's happening, so he asks Chizuru if she's serious.

"Well, it's a little late to say no now. Besides, I'm hungry," answered Chizuru.

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At that moment, Kazuya takes out his cell phone and starts desperately looking for a restaurant to go to for lunch, but, for his bad luck, all the restaurants are full, which makes him lose control. Kazuya starts to go crazy and doesn't know which place to choose, and before he goes completely crazy, Chizuru points to the Saizeriya restaurant and tells him it's better to go there. Then Chizuru tells him that he should take better care of his money.

In this way, they both go to Saizeriya restaurant, and just before entering, Chizuru remembers once again what Yaemori told her about Kazuya. She also remembers when Kazuya told her that she was his ideal girlfriend. And remembering that, she remains pensive.

Once they arrive at the restaurant and take a seat, Kazuya can't believe he's having lunch with Chizuru. He feels like it's a dream come true. Then they both place their order and also ask... white wine. Well, in fact, it's Chizuru who orders the wine.

"Are you sure you want to drink at noon?" Kazuya asked.

"Yes, why?" answered Chizuru. "Today is my day off."

Hearing that, Kazuya smiles and tells himself that Chizuru always finds a way to keep fresh, and that as long as everything is kept under control, then things will be fine.

After that, it has been 1 hour since they started having lunch, and Chizuru, who was drinking wine, is now drunk. And seeing her in that state, Kazuya goes crazy.

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  1. I don't believe its going to be a few hours. We should wait till tuesday you mean

    1. Well, to be more exact, it will be available on Monday.

  2. "Chizuru is drunk and... is she crying? or smiling?"
    Is that from chapter 173??

  3. I see what's going to happen here, Next chapter, Chizuru, as she's drunk, she'll tell Kazuya about her feelings towards him, ending in Kazuya blushing and Chizuru falling asleep.


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