Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 173 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 173

Chapter 173: The girlfriend and the confession

Continuing the events of the last chapter, Kazuya is very surprised to see how much wine Chizuru is drinking, so he wonders to himself if she is drunk. He stares at her and notices that her cheeks are flushed, which he thinks is very cute. And after watching her drink another glass of wine, he comes to the conclusion that Chizuru is drunk.

"Hey," Chizuru said while staring at Kazuya.

"Huh? What's wrong!?" replied Kazuya nervously.

Chizuru asks him what the word written on his shirt means, which is "Pesce", to which Kazuya tells her that it means fish in Italian. And upon hearing that, Chizuru starts laughing while asking Kazuya how much he loves fish.

At that instant, Kazuya feels a little uncomfortable with the way Chizuru is making fun of him, so he gets mad at her and asks her not to make fun of his likes.

"I'm sorry. I apologize for my behavior," said Chizuru, who then takes a deep breath to try to calm down.

However, from one moment to the next, Chizuru starts laughing again. And seeing her act that way, Kazuya starts thinking about how cute she looks.

After a moment passes, Chizuru continues to laugh, but this time she's looking at the menu and laughing because tiramisu can feed 6 people.

Basically, Chizuru is laughing at everything, which leaves Kazuya thoughtful, because another time when he rented her as a girlfriend, Chizuru was also drinking, but she never acted the way she is now. So Kazuya wonders if maybe Chizuru is getting a little looser with him.

Then Kazuya asks Chizuru if it's really okay for the two of them to be having lunch together, to which Chizuru tells him that there's no need to think about it, since, after all, she was hungry and it was too late to say no.

After a moment, they both place their order, and Chizuru orders two desserts, which leaves Kazuya surprised.

"What? What's wrong?" said Chizuru while looking at Kazuya with cat eyes.

"Will you be okay with that? Don't you think what you ordered has a lot of calories...?" asked Kazuya nervously.

Then Chizuru tells him that now that her grandmother has passed away, she doesn't have a time limit. And hearing her talk like that, Kazuya is surprised to see that Chizuru also has a weak side, and then wonders if maybe she would like to have a boyfriend to support her. And of course, he would like to be that boyfriend.

From one moment to the next, Chizuru asks Kazuya if he's in love with her. And hearing such a sudden question, Kazuya falls silent. Then Chizuru stares at Kazuya, who at that moment blushes and wonders to himself why Chizuru is asking him that now.

Seeing that Kazuya doesn't say anything, Chizuru asks him if she is his ideal girlfriend, to which Kazuya tries to give her an explanation, but can't find the exact words to say it.

"I see..." said Chizuru. "That time you saw me suffer, so you said that to help me. However, if things aren't that way, then a lot of things will change."

Kazuya remains silent, while Chizuru tells him that earlier Yaemori commented to her that he is in love with her.  Then Chizuru tells him that he has to put some more thought into Ruka's feelings.

Then, once again, Chizuru stares at Kazuya and asks him, "So.... Do you have feelings for me?".

Faced with such a situation, Kazuya remains silent.

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  1. I hope Kazuya confesses his feelings to Chizuru, otherwise he will look like just another clown and his lack of courage will be shown.

  2. Of course he won't tell the truth, on his mind, if he tells the truth, things will change between them! He always thinks negatively lol

  3. Can't wait for full summary....

  4. I think that already summed it up good. Every chapter is just filled with same old tired fillers anyhow

  5. That's right kazuya remain silent hahaha.. To make more chapters..

  6. Me too i hope he confess to mizuhara

  7. I don't care if the story ends early because when kazuya confess it's the nearly end but it would be such an happy ending­čĄú­čśŐ

  8. I have been reading this for a long time. A lot of things happened. Almost everything has changed. Kazuya has tried a lot and watching him do everything he can for the sake of Chizuru's happiness does prove his love. I hope he tells the truth and admits his feelings. If the story does not continue with him being truthful about his feelings towards Chizuru then the authors are just dragging it for content. I will leave reading it immediately if this time he doesn't admits his true self.


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