Mokushiroku no Yonkishi Chapter 1 - SUMMARY

Mokushiroku no Yonkishi Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Boy Sets Off

In a certain faraway place, called the "God's Finger," we see a young boy named Percival, who is catching a gigantic bird with the help of a muscular old man.

Once they both capture the bird, they go to eat. And after ingesting the food, they start training.

"You almost got me. I had to get serious too," said that old man after defeating Percival in training.

It turns out that the old man is Percival's grandfather, and he is very surprised to see how much his grandson has grown.

After that, Percival is heading home, while his grandfather calls him and tells him to wait for him, and then tells him that tomorrow is his birthday.

"How old am I now?" asked Percival.

"You're 16!!! How could you possibly forget your age!!!?"

The next day, Percival turns 16, and from the top of a mountain, his grandfather says to him, "Percival, you are 16 years old now..... Don't you want to leave God's Finger and go on adventures into a big world?"

"Not really," Percival replied with a smile.


Then, his grandfather tells him that beyond the clouds, there are many places he can visit. And he also tells him that below God's Finger, the birthplace of both of them, there is a country called Britannia, where he will find many adventures and mysteries.

Hearing all that, Percival still insists on staying in God's Finger.

Full summary in the next few hours.

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