Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 303 - SUMMARY

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 303

Chapter 303: Top 3

After hearing Endeavor's family story, Hawks and Best Jeanist enter the room and tell Endeavor that they heard everything, so they ask him to let them join them on their family trip.

Upon seeing Hawks and Best Jeanist, Rei immediately lowers her head and apologizes to them for what her son did. However, Best Jeanist tells her that she doesn't have to worry, then helps her up.

Best Jeanist then explains that they entered the room because they need more information about Toya, as they want to know what is the root of the resentment he has and how did he survive that accident years ago.

Best Jeanist mentions that they will interrogate Toya until they finally know how he became Dabi.

Suddenly, Hawks asks Shoto if the scar on his face was also caused by Endeavor, to which Rei tells him that she was the cause of the scar. At that moment, Hawks remembers his parents and regrets giving up on them, and then tells Shoto that he's a great guy for not giving up on his parents.

Hawks then tells Endeavor what's going on outside and how the city has become a living hell. He also tells him that he and Best Jeanist will help him in any way they can.

Hearing that, Endeavor is speechless and is moved by the kindness and support he is receiving. Endeavor begins to cry, while Natsuo tells him that he will support him until he stops Toya.

Hawks then tells Endeavor that he has to explain to the audience what is going on, then asks him if he knows anything about "One For All". At that instant, Endeavor remembers hearing that word, then says, "Deku?".

Meanwhile, Bakugo, who is near Deku's room, is shouting his friend's name while being stopped by his classmates.

Seeing Bakugo so energetic, Iida mentions that he feels more relieved, while Uraraka tells him that Bakugo has become louder now.

After that, Hawks and Best Jeanist arrive at Deku's room, and Hawks mentions that he wants to talk to him, but Iida tells him that All Might asked them to leave them alone.

In Deku's room, All Might is holding his disciple's hand as he mentions that he is now talking to his predecessors.

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