Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 175 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 175

Chapter 175: The girlfriend and the sigh

Continuing with the events of the last chapter, Kazuya is drinking with his friends as he recalls what he was about to tell Chizuru moments before. He starts to imagine that Chizuru probably would have slapped him and rejected him if he had confessed to her that he is in love with her.

Then Kazuya tells himself that he would like to go on a date with Chizuru, but after thinking about it some more, he thinks it's still impossible for him. So, from one moment to the next, Kazuya hugs Kibe and thanks him for coming all the way to his house to pick him up.

"Oh, right. I forgot I have something to tell you," Kibe suddenly said.

"Tell me what it's about," Kazuya replied.

Kibe tells him that he recently met with Grandma Nagomi and that, at that meeting, Mami was also there.

"That was because Grandma wanted one more adviser. And that person happened to be Mami," Kibe said as he turned his gaze towards Kazuya.

Hearing that, Kazuya is quite surprised and asks Kibe why Mami met with his grandmother.

"Well, at first, I had my doubts too..." said Kibe.

It turns out that, at that meeting, Kibe was telling Grandma Nagomi that the challenge they had now was how to improve customer satisfaction, specifically, in the older people. And faced with such a problem, Mami suggested that the best thing to do was to create an app, since today 77% of older people use smartphones, and that number has doubled in the last 7 years. In addition, Mami mentions that it will be almost the same in the way young people use their smartphones "to set up a date". And upon hearing such a proposal, Grandma Nagomi accepts with a smile.

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And so, Kibe finishes telling Kazuya what happened at that meeting, and tells him that Mami knows how to give very good advice.

However, Kazuya is still surprised and cannot assimilate the fact that now his grandmother knows Mami.

The next day, Kazuya is at the university and is trying to call his grandmother on the phone, but she does not answer. He is still worried about the fact that his grandmother knows Mami, and as he is immersed in his thoughts, he suddenly encounters Mami.

"Oh, Kazu-kun," Mami said.

Upon seeing her, Kazuya is speechless, and then begins to blush as he tells himself that it's a good opportunity to ask her if she knows his grandmother.

"Kibe told me that you met my grandmother!" exclaimed Kazuya blushing.

"Ah, you mean Grandma Nagomi?" replied Mami, who then approaches Kazuya and apologizes for not telling him about meeting his grandmother.

Then Mami, with a smile, tells him that she accidentally found Grandma Nagomi's Twitter account and that she really wanted to meet her. She also tells him that she is helping her with her website and that she plans to use that as a topic for her graduation thesis, as she feels it is a great challenge.

"You'll be surprised when you see it," Mami said as she walked away with a smile.

"I'll be looking forward to it very much!" replied Kazuya as he said goodbye.

Outside the university, Mami takes out her cell phone and sends a text message to Grandma Nagomi, which says, "I will organize the apps next week. Hope we can talk again soon."

Once Mami finishes sending the message, she shows a cold look.

On the other hand, Kazuya feels more relieved after talking with Mami, and comes to the conclusion that he has nothing to worry about. And while he was walking through the halls of the university, he suddenly encounters Chizuru and her friends.

Immediately, Kazuya blushes, then one of Chizuru's friends greets him, to which he greets her back. They exchange a few words and then say goodbye. For the entire duration of the conversation, Chizuru avoided looking at Kazuya.

And as she was walking away with her friends, Chizuru starts to remember when Kazuya tried to confess his feelings to her. Remembering that, she gives a sigh and then blushes.

Now, a new story begins to unfold between Kazuya, Chizuru and Mami. Who will be the next to join?

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  1. Nice. This is going to be a good chapter. Mami finally shows up!

    1. Every time she appears, it's always a good chapter.

  2. I don't know what to think about this chapter, but it seems more interesting than the previous one.

  3. Perfect time for Kazuya to send Mami to hell.

    1. Nope, it's the perfect time to tell her that he loves her hahaha.

  4. It's been more than two hours.
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