Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 176 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 176

Chapter 176: The girlfriend and the tiger cave - Part 1 (?)

On a day like any other, Chizuru, who is in her room, is picking up her clothes from the clothesline, but suddenly she turns her gaze towards Kazuya's room and starts to remember when he was about to confess his feelings to her. Remembering that, Chizuru blushes, at the same time she receives a text message on her cell phone, where she is invited to a party.

On the other hand, Kazuya is talking on the phone with his grandmother, who at that moment is playing some videogame. Grandma tells him that Mami is helping her with her website and that she was also quite surprised to learn that she was going to the same university as him.

"You haven't said anything to her about Chizuru, have you!?" asked Kazuya exalted.

Grandma tells him that the two times she met with Mami was just to talk about work and nothing else. Then she asks him how Chizuru is doing because she knows she must be having a hard time due to her grandmother recently passing away.

"She may not have fully recovered, but... only time will tell," Kazuya replied.

Hearing that, Grandma tells him that he is right, as time is the best medicine to heal wounds. She also tells him that his duty is to support Chizuru as much as possible.

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Once Kazuya finishes talking to his grandmother, he gives a sigh and wonders why Mami is working with his grandmother, but at the same time he feels a bit more relieved because the version that Mami gave him is the same version that his grandmother told him. So with that he was able to verify that Mami didn't lie to him.

"Looks like there's nothing to worry about...", Kazuya thought.

Suddenly, someone knocks on Kazuya's door, so he goes out to see who it is, and gets the surprise that the person who was looking for him was Chizuru.

"Hello," said Chizuru.

"Oh, hello...!" replied Kazuya with a blush.

At that moment, Kazuya, who is very surprised, starts to look from one place to another to check if Chizuru came alone, and seeing that there is no one, he asks himself why she is visiting him.

"I have something to tell you..." said Chizuru. "Are you free on October 25th?"

Hearing that, Kazuya is extremely surprised and wonders to himself what Chizuru is talking about. So, without thinking twice, he takes out his cell phone and looks at the calendar to see if he is available on that day, but it turns out that October 25th he will be busy. However, if it's Chizuru, he can make an exception.

With a flushed face, Kazuya tells Chizuru that he is indeed available that day, then asks what's going on.

"Well... I was just invited to a party, and I wanted to know if you want to go with me..." said Chizuru.

At that moment, Kazuya is surprised by the sudden invitation, then Chizuru explains to him that the party is being organized by Umi in order to celebrate the success of the movie's release.

"Since you have been the producer of the movie, he told me to invite you too," Chizuru said.

At that moment, many questions went through Kazuya's head, but then with a smile he accepts Chizuru's invitation. And once they both agree on the meeting place, they say goodbye.

After a moment, Kazuya looks a bit worried, since, after all, Umi is handsome and he, well, he's just "Kazuya" (ha ha ha ha). He also wonders to himself why Umi wants him to go.

After that, the day of the party comes. Kazuya is waiting for Chizuru at the place they agreed upon, and while he is still waiting, three people who are apparently Umi's friends show up. And seeing them talking spontaneously, Kazuya wonders if he was right to accept Chizuru's invitation, since he doesn't know what he will talk about with the others.

Gradually, Kazuya begins to torment himself and tells himself that he wants to return home. And before he gets completely depressed, Chizuru appears, and seeing her so beautiful, all his doubts are cleared.

"So, shall we go then?" said Chizuru.

With a blush on his face, Kazuya says yes.

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  1. What kind of party? Revealing the truth party? Nice move Mami

  2. This was very sudden, but I think this chapter will be one of the best.
    Looking forward to the full summary.

  3. I'm pretty sure I can guess that there will be at least 8 panels of Kazuya losing his mind

  4. Can't wait to see Chizuru's latest outfit , all dressed up in her party finest . It probably be her best look yet

  5. may be another cliffhanger in end of the chapter and progress into next

  6. Maybe she'll confess first or could be another cliffhanger? I just want someone to say SOMETHING.

  7. Is it? Is there no more summary?

  8. I'm calling it here and now.

    Mami's gonna reveal the lie.

    Chizuru's gonna protest.

    "It's not true, we're actually going out! Because I...I.." Looks at Kazuya.

    "I like you!"

    Ehhhhhh (last page).

    And scene.

    Now, the above might be split five-ways.

    1. In fact, it sounds interesting and could even be a good prediction.

  9. Well, the title is The girlfriend and the Tiger cave, i feel this arc will be tough to Kazuya in the party, and chizuru will be help him... Thanks for this summary. Cann't waiting for next chapter ­čĹŹ


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