Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 178 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 178

Chapter 178: The girlfriend and the tiger's den - Part 3

As the party continues, Kazuya, who moments before had gone to the bathroom, returns to where Chizuru is, and on his way, he wonders to himself what Umi was talking about with Chizuru, while being thankful that she didn't abandon him in that den of tigers.

Once Kazuya arrives towards where Chizuru is, he is quite surprised to see that she was conversing with Umi.

"Come on, come closer," Chizuru said.

At that instant, Kazuya blushes and wonders to himself why Umi is with Chizuru.

"What will they be talking about without me?" thought Kazuya. "Has he already started making his move!?".

Then, Kazuya, who is blushing, approaches towards Chizuru, who had received a gift and was asking Umi if it's okay for her to keep the present.

"No problem!" said Umi, who then tells her that it is a gift to congratulate her.

Seeing such a scene, Kazuya blushes and asks himself several questions. And while he is still immersed in his thoughts, suddenly, Umi mentions that he wants to talk alone with him.

Hearing that, Kazuya shows a pale expression, while Umi tells him to please don't look at him that way, as he implies as if he has seen a ghost.

"Sorry, Chizuru," Umi said with a smile.

"Don't worry, I'll go eat somewhere else," Chizuru replied cheerfully.

At that moment, Kazuya asks himself what the heck Umi wants to talk to him about, to then accept his proposal.

"I'm glad. Then let's go somewhere else to talk," Umi said.

After a while, Kazuya starts to look at Umi's Twitter account (apparently, both of them are now following each other through that social network) and is quite surprised to see that he has 270 thousand followers. Suddenly, Umi congratulates Kazuya for the crowdfunding he did and tells him that he is interested in doing one just like it, so he asks him how is the structure and what are the steps to follow.

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Hearing that, Kazuya thanks him and with a flushed face tells him that doing a crowdfunding is like a field of fire, as you have to choose a platform, where each of them has its own rules. And as Kazuya keeps explaining to him, Umi is surprised and starts complimenting the work Kazuya did, to then ask him if he did any studies related to it.

At that moment, Kazuya is surprised to see Umi's kindness, as he has been praising him constantly. Umi then tells him that he respects him quite a bit and that he knows it's not easy to make a movie and that just anyone can't do it.

Kazuya starts to think about the words Umi said to him, as he finds it hard to believe that he actually respects him, but at that instant, Umi tells him that he wants to take a picture with him, leaving him surprised.

Once they both take the picture, Umi tells him that there's something he wants to consult him about, so he suddenly says, "But I can't say that I don't like him either."

Hearing that, Kazuya gets a little confused, while Umi tells him that he didn't mishear, that's the question he wants to ask him.

At that instant, Kazuya wonders to himself what Umi is talking about, why he is asking him something like that, to conclude that he doesn't understand how a good-looking person thinks.

Then, with a flushed face, Kazuya tells Umi that if a person says that, it's because that person probably likes you.

"I also thought the same thing," Umi said.

Umi then thanks Kazuya for coming to the party and that it was fun to talk to him, then asks for his Line number. Umi tells him that he feels that they can be good friends and, with a smile, he says goodbye.

After that, Kazuya starts thinking about the conversation he had with Umi, as that was all very sudden for him, and as he keeps thinking about it, Chizuru appears and asks him what he talked to Umi about.

"Ah, well, he asked me what I thought about 'But I can't say I don't like him either'," Kazuya said with a smile, to then ask Chizuru if she knows what it means.

Hearing that, Chizuru blushes quite a bit, while Kazuya stares at her and asks her why she's blushing.

"I'm not!" exclaimed Chizuru. "And that has nothing to do with me!"

Next time: "Second round or go home?".

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  1. if he doesn't confess at the party its not ok. i think umi will help him hopefully

    1. Ofc he won't confess... They still need to milk some money afterall

  2. So Umi's new master plan is becoming Chizuru's producer? This asshole is legit male version of Mami.

    1. It ain't goin there tho, he clearly just wants to know how they did the crowd funding

    2. He even gave Kazuya a hint that chizuru likes Kazuya. He seems like a nice guy.


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