Mokushiroku no Yonkishi Chapter 2 - SUMMARY

Mokushiroku no Yonkishi Chapter 2

Chapter 2: A meeting by chance

In a new beginning, Percival is racing down the mountain called "God's Finger" in search of his first adventure. He's been coming down from there for a whole day and still can't manage to see solid ground under all the clouds surrounding the place. So he decides to take a break, as it's about to get dark.

"It's... cold," Percival said as he wrapped his cloak around him, and remembering his grandfather's warmth, he falls asleep.

The next day, Percival continues his journey. And after a while, he finally manages to see solid ground, and not only that, he also sees mountains, lakes and lots of vegetation.

"That's the ground... It's huge!!!" exclaimed Percival.

At that moment, Percival gets excited because he will soon arrive in Britannia, so he raises his arms while saying, "I did it grandfather!!!"

Suddenly, and due to the excitement of a moment ago, Percival forgets to hold on to the rock and falls off the mountain, but to his good fortune, he falls on top of a "Stone Bird", and with a smile, he thanks the animal and tells him that he will eat him as a thanks. However, the Stone Bird gets angry with him and throws him off his body, causing him to fall to the ground.

After a moment, Percival, who is lying on the ground, looks up and finds a small fox wearing a "very curious necklace". He is surprised to see the animal, as he has never seen a similar one before in his homeland, so he introduces himself and mentions that he was 2 days down from the God's Finger.

However, the fox doesn't understand anything Percival said, or so it seems, so he decides to retreat at the insistence of Percival, who was asking him if he had seen a village with more humans. The fox quickly escapes, and behind him, Percival chases him while telling him that they will be very good friends.

But to Percival's bad luck, the animal is very fast and runs into a bush, where he loses sight of him. However, behind that bush, Percival finds three humans who were in a wagon.

It turns out that, those people that Percival found, are dedicated to making shows of all kinds, like one of those people who work in a circus juggling, among other things. And upon seeing what they can do, Percival suddenly applauds, generating surprise in those people.

Percival looks very excited and asks those people to do another show. But one of them approaches him and tells him that if he wants to see one more show, he will have to pay. However, at that moment, one of his companions tells him that it's not right to charge him, to which he tells her to shut up, since they do that in order to survive.

"Paying...? What is that?" asked Percival.

Hearing that, the person gets slightly angry and asks Percival to give him his luggage, to which he naively gives it to him.

Suddenly, the man pulls out a dagger and with a strange movement makes Percival float, who at that moment gets excited and asks the man how he did that, but to his bad luck, the man had escaped with his other friends.

As they were escaping, one of his companions tells the man, whose real name is Donny, that there was no need to steal his luggage and that he shouldn't have left him floating, to which Donny tells her not to worry, as the effect of his magic will soon wear off. And while they were escaping, Percival suddenly appears, leaving the others surprised.

Seeing that he had no choice, Donny returns the luggage to Percival, who then asks them if they know Ironside, the person who is his father and killed his grandfather. Hearing that, the others are surprised and one of them asks Percival if he is on a revenge journey where he will kill his enemies.

"I don't know, I just want to meet him and ask him directly..." said Percival while making a fist strongly. "... I want to ask him why he killed my grandfather. And why he had to do it now.... And also... I want to beat him up!!!"

Hearing that, those people tell him that they can't help him because they don't know the person he is looking for. However, one of them tells Percival that there is a village nearby where he can probably get more information.

"A village!? Really!!?" exclaimed Percival excitedly.

Thus, Percival sets out on a new journey with the three people he just met. But before starting, Donny tells him that he will have to pass a test, which consists of shooting an arrow into an apple. That test will serve to know Percival's abilities. However, the test does not go well, as the arrow ends up grazing part of Donny's hair.

After that, Percival begins his journey, and on the way, the other two members of the group introduce themselves. One is named Elba and the other is named Katts, who then mentions to Percival about the existence of the Holy Knights. At that moment, Percival is surprised and mentions that his dad and grandfather are also Holy Knights, which surprises the others.

Suddenly, two people appear running. They look exalted and are calling for help because their village is under attack.

"What? What's going on?" asked Donny.

"A wild wolf is attacking the village!!!" replied one of the villagers. "Please call the Holy Knights!!!"

At that moment, Percival asks what a wolf is, to which Elba says, "You've never seen one?".

"Don't be silly... There's no need to call the Holy Knights," Donny said.

All of a sudden, Donny decides to go to the village to kill that wolf. He makes his horse pick up speed, and when he arrives at the village, he is surprised to find that the wolf was actually a gigantic monster that was devouring a house.

Quickly, Percival gets down from the wagon and tries to attack the monster with an arrow, but his aim is not very good, and he ends up shooting the arrow at himself.

"Ah, ah... I ended up piercing my cloak!" said Percival.

At that instant, the monster attacks Percival, and in a quick move, Donny appears and saves him, but he ends up hurt.

Moments before, Donny was running away, and seeing that he came back, Percival asks him why he did it.

"Because thanks to you... something inside me was reignited," Donny replied.

The monster attacks again, and Donny tells Percival to run away. However, Percival stays in the same place and with one hand stops the monster's attack, leaving Donny surprised.

Percival takes a big leap and with a slap defeats the monster.

"Unbelievable... That kid defeated the monster!!!" exclaimed one of the villagers.

"The village has been saved!!!" said another villager.

Donny, Elba and Katts are surprised to see Percival's strength.

Meanwhile, near the place is that fox that Percival had previously encountered. He is observing the situation and, at the same time, a Holy Knigh (or so it seems) is looking at Percival through a diamond-shaped crystal.

"Ha ha ha!!!! That boy is full of energy," said that knight. "Very well, I will be your next opponent!!"

Next chapter: "Following my father's clues".

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