Beastars Season 2 - Episode 10

From the official website of the anime Beastars, adaptation of Paru Itagaki's manga, the first promotional images and the synopsis of episode 10 of its second season, which will be available on March 11, have been revealed.

In the line below you will find the images.

Legoshi tries to get Louis to leave the Shishigumi group, but in the end, he could not convince him. Then, during the Drama Club activities, Legoshi has a confrontation with Riz. Little by little, problems are piling up for Legoshi, and even more so when he feels guilty because of an unpleasant dream he had about Haru. Now, he is alone with her, and he has to fight against his own desires...

The episode will be available on March 11 and can be watched on Netflix Japan.

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