Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 179 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 179

Chapter 179: The girlfriend and the tiger's den - Part 4

Continuing with the events of the last chapter, Umi approaches Chizuru, who was walking up the stairs to where Kazuya is, and asks if she can give him a moment of her time to talk to him. Hearing that, Chizuru looks a bit confused.

Meanwhile, Kazuya is walking up the stairs, and once he reaches the place where he was before, he gets the surprise that Chizuru is still not back. He begins to wonder why Chizuru is taking so long, since she had only gone to the bathroom.

"She said there was a room downstairs. Did she go to talk to him?", Kazuya thought.

At that instant, Kazuya starts to think about various things. And before he draws a hasty conclusion, Chizuru appears.

With a smile, Kazuya asks Chizuru if she went to greet the others, to which she just keeps silent.

"Huh? Why does she look so down?" thought Kazuya.

Suddenly, Chizuru tells Kazuya that it's time to leave, and upon hearing that, Kazuya looks surprised.

After that, Kazuya and Chizuru arrive at a park in Daikanyama, and while there, Chizuru tells Kazuya that she wants to take a break.

"Sure, no problem," said Kazuya.

Chizuru sits down on one of the benches in the park and begins to stretch her body, while Kazuya blushes and looks at her from the corner of his eye while admiring her beauty.

Suddenly, Kazuya remembers the last conversation he had with Mami, and tells Chizuru that she is working with her grandmother. Hearing that, Chizuru is quite surprised.

"Oh, no, it's fine! Apparently, she's helping her with her company, since she wants to use that as a topic for her graduation thesis," said Kazuya, who then comments to Chizuru that he already told his grandmother not to talk about her with Mami.

Hearing that, Chizuru thanks him.

After a moment, Kazuya begins to wonder why Chizuru doesn't have a boyfriend, since, after all, she is always surrounded by handsome young men. So he comes to the conclusion that if he were to ask her why she doesn't have a boyfriend, she will surely tell him that, as an actress and a rental girlfriend, she doesn't need that.

"So, that means it won't matter if I tell her how I feel about her...", Kazuya thought.

At that instant, and with a flushed face, Kazuya asks Chizuru if she would like to have a boyfriend, to which she replies, "A boyfriend? You mean someone who supports you more than anyone else?". Suddenly, Chizuru remembers when she cried on Kazuya's shoulder and falls silent.

Then Kazuya tells Chizuru that there are a lot of cool guys outside, so he wondered if maybe she didn't want to have a boyfriend because it might interfere with her acting career. Chizuru glares at him and tells him that it's not like that, since there are a lot of actresses out there nowadays who have boyfriends.

Hearing that, Kazuya keeps silent, while Chizuru tells him that if she were to ever have a boyfriend, then she would quit her job as a rent-a-girlfriend.

"Although I must say that if I were to fall in love with someone, I would like to date that person and be by their side forever..." said Chizuru with a slightly blushing face.

Once Chizuru said those words, she stood up and told Kazuya that it's getting cold and it's time to leave.

As they both walked, Kazuya starts thinking about the last words Chizuru said to him, and comes to the conclusion that he wants to be that love that Chizuru longs for and that he is not willing to let someone else take his place.

"It was at that moment when the fog of anguish lifted and I was able to make a decision. That was the night," recounted Kazuya.

Next time: "Determination."

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