Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 183 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 183

Chapter 183: The girlfriend and ex-girlfriend - Part 5

Before continuing with the events of the last chapter, Mami recalls how she heard about the movie that Chizuru starred in.

It turns out that, Mami and Chizuru had a class in common, and as the teacher was calling roll, she could hear him say, "Ichinose Chizuru." And the moment she heard that name, she remembered when she met Chizuru on the beach, so she decided to look her up on the internet, and after a moment, she found that Chizuru had starred in a movie, which left her surprised, but then her expression changes when she saw that Kazuya was the producer.

Back to the present, Chizuru and Mami are at Mister Donut. And during the beginning of the conversation, Mami is friendly and mentions that she was quite surprised to learn that Chizuru had starred in a movie. Then Mami asks her how her grandmother is doing, to which Chizuru, who looks worried, tells her that she has passed away.

Hearing that, Mami is surprised and gives her condolences to Chizuru, who is a bit surprised and tells her that she doesn't have to.

Then, Chizuru looks worriedly at Mami, and starts thinking about why she is doing all this. So, the moment she tries to ask her a question, Mami interrupts her and with a smile tells her that she shouldn't worry.

"There is one thing that has me worried, though," Mami said.

Then, with a smile, Mami asks her if she won't have any problems with her acting career because of the current job she has, to which Chizuru tells her that it won't cause her any inconvenience.

"And if there are still people who criticize me, then I'm willing to accept it," Chizuru said with a serious look.

Hearing that, Mami remains silent, but then with a smile she tells her that she is someone strong, which leaves Chizuru even more worried.

On the other hand, Kibe says goodbye to Kazuya, who upon seeing him go, remembers when he told him that he shouldn't lie to his grandmother. At that moment, Kazuya panics and then, with a flushed face, tells himself that he must return the lie in reality. So, once again, he will try to confess his feelings to Chizuru.

As Kazuya was leaving, Kibe turns around and watches him go as he stands in thought.

Meanwhile, Mami tells Chizuru that it is strange for a producer and an actress to be so close, to which Chizuru tells her that there is nothing to be suspicious of since Kazuya behaved like a true professional. However, Chizuru also agrees with Mami a bit, since she is, after all, a rental girlfriend.

Hearing that, Mami falls silent, to then say, "What about your bag?".

At such a sudden question, Chizuru is a bit confused, to which Mami tells her that on that occasion she saw her purse in Kazuya's room.

At that moment, Chizuru starts to think that maybe there is nothing wrong if she tells her the truth, so she tells her that she was still seeing Kazuya, and then apologizes for having lied to her that time they met on the train. Then Chizuru tells her that there's no need to involve Kazuya's grandmother in this.

Then, with a smile, Mami tells her that it's not like that, since to her, Grandma Nagomi is someone very kind who knows how to listen to young people. Then Mami's expression changes and she asks Chizuru to stop misunderstanding things, to then tell her that she is not upset.

Hearing that, Chizuru is a bit surprised, while Mami tells her that she kept thinking why someone like her was helping Kazuya, and at first she thought that maybe it was because she had fallen in love with him, but now she knows that it is not so, since she also went through the same thing.

At that moment, Mami comments that Kazuya was very kind to her when they were dating, but that all that changed after their breakup, as Kazuya started to harass her.

Then, Mami takes Chizuru by the hand and with a cold look tells her that she understands her and is on her side, as it must have been hard for her to deal with a client who constantly harassed her.

"You couldn't say anything because of the confidentiality of your work, could you?" said Mami.

Chizuru blushes, while Mami, who is still holding her hand, tells her that she will help her put an end to all this so that she can get rid of that big problem called "Kazuya".

Next time: "Kazuya panics".

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  1. Mami is going to kill her lol

  2. Replies
    1. I think that she want to tell Chizuru that she must leave Kazuya or something like that.

  3. So Mami wants Kazuya? or what?

    1. Nah she just doesn't want him to get someone better.

  4. Could be that she jealous and wants Kazuya back?

  5. I'm starting to think that Mami is yandere like. She dumped the guy, saw that he was going with someone else, and was pissed, and she actually reacted not in the best way when her friends laughed of the fact that Kazuya still wanted her. Right now, Mami is literally going out of her way to meddle in Kazuya's life and to keep Chizuru away from him. This is clearly not good for her mental health. And when taking the theory that maybe she is stuck in an arranged marriage...
    I really think Mami is becoming a yandere.

  6. She is not coming to she is a yandere

  7. Mami is mental issues she realized that kazuya has moved with someone better and now wants him to be alone so he go back to her. This really just reilys on how chizuhru handles this

  8. "but that all that changed after their breakup, as Kazuya started to harass her."
    If Mizuhara actually believes this bs I'm gonna explode. If there is anyone harrasing anyone it's you Mami. For fucks sake.


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