Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 184 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 184

Chapter 184: The girlfriend and that time

While in his room, Kazuya starts to look at a picture of him and Chizuru as he thinks that he really loves her. Then he remembers the advice Kibe gave him and tells himself that the best solution is to confess his feelings to Chizuru, so, determined, he leaves his room to look for her.

"I must go now!" thought Kazuya.

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The moment Kazuya comes out of his room, he runs into Chizuru, who was returning from the meeting she had with Mami. And upon seeing her, Kazuya blushes and tries to greet her, but then notices that Chizuru looks crestfallen.

"Did something happen, Mizuhara-san?" asked Kazuya.

Seeing that Chizuru doesn't say anything, Kazuya, who is blushing, tries to confess his feelings to her, but suddenly his cell phone rings, and seeing that, Chizuru tells him that she is leaving.

At that instant, Kazuya, who is still outside his room, remains depressed, thinking that his confession failed again, but after a few seconds he decides to answer the call he had received moments before, which by the way, it was Ruka who was calling him.

"What took you so long to answer?!!" said Ruka, who then asks him emphatically what he was doing.

Hearing her tone of voice, Kazuya asks her if something happened.

Then, it turns out that Ruka was calling him to tell him that her grades had dropped because she kept thinking about the time he tried to break up with her. And hearing that, Kazuya falls silent thinking that it's his responsibility.

Suddenly, Ruka asks him if he's not trying to confess his feelings to Chizuru, to which Kazuya, again, falls silent, which is interpreted by Ruka as a "yes".

"You're kidding, right?!" exclaimed Ruka, who then begins to lecture him.

Hearing all that, Kazuya thought that he can't stand this situation anymore. But suddenly, Ruka tells him that she will go to his room right then and there, ending the call (well, actually, her mom was calling her).

Then, after Kazuya finishes talking to Ruka, suddenly Chizuru comes out of her room, leaving Kazuya surprised.

"You changed your clothes that fast!" thought Kazuya, who wonders where Chizuru will go.

Without looking him in the eyes, Chizuru tells Kazuya that she will go for a walk for a while. And as she left, Kazuya wonders to himself what could be happening to her.

After that, Ruka appears in front of Kazuya and suddenly asks him how many nights she can stay in his room. And hearing that, Kazuya is shocked.

Meanwhile, Chizuru went to a park where baseball is practiced. And while she's batting, she gets to thinking about the latest things that have happened recently.

"But why is Mami still silent? Is she looking for some opportunity...?" thought Chizuru, who then remembers when Grandma Nagomi found out that her grandson had gotten a girlfriend.

In that instant, many memories flashed through Chizuru's mind, who starts thinking that at some point everyone will know the truth, and when that happens, she might not end well.

On the other hand, Mami sends a message via Line to Grandma Nagomi, who replies cheerfully.

Next time: "Ruka's Guard."

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  1. Ruka can you please f*ck off

  2. Are. You. Fucking. Serious?

    Hasn't Author-san made enough money? Why does he insist on stringing his readers along like a fucking high-class prostitute with a line of cheeto-dusted neckbeards stumbling afher? Why does he insist on milking this cash-cow as if were having a year-long wank? Are his Japanese readers any more content with this than his foreign readers? Jesus, I hope not.

    1. He like's to further develop the plot, and increase competition between the girl. I think he knows that he's making this drag on forever, but we can't complain, the story is interesting and he knows how to make the reader keep coming back with these crazy twists.

    2. The author just wants to keep milking his work as much as he can, and that's why he creates this kind of situations without any progress. Honestly, the story is getting absurd.

    3. Next thing you know he's gonna try to confess and get shot

  3. I'm done with this for the time being. I read the summary and when it gets better (someday - hope so!), I start reading it again. To be honest, this manga should stop doing this cat-mouse game and go straight to the point.

  4. Bro ruka back off he dont want you cant you see

  5. I like Ruka, but blaming the guy for her grades going down because she can't tolerate that he doesn't want to be with her because he loves another woman, and actually calls him to yell at him for this..... I really don't want to become a Ruka hater here.....

  6. Thanks for the summary. Author-san, you're a c..t.


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