Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 185 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 185

Chapter 185: The girlfriend and the power of defense (?)

Continuing with the events of the last chapter, Kazuya, who is still outside his room, is taken aback by Ruka's sudden questioning, so he asks her what she means by staying several nights, to which Ruka, blushing, emphatically tells him that she will make him have a restless night.

"I'm glad to know that Mizuhara just left. It would have been a big problem if she had heard that...", Kazuya thought as he turned his gaze towards Chizuru's room.

Then, with a flushed face, Kazuya tells Ruka that she can't stay in his room, to which she replies that she doesn't remember making a promise with him about ending the relationship.

"Come on! Get in!" exclaimed Ruka while extending her arm towards Kazuya, who with a blushing face decides to enter the room.

After that, Ruka is hugging Kazuya tightly, who asks her why she has to hug him like that, to which she just remains silent.

And after a short moment, Ruka lets go of Kazuya and slaps her palm on the table, to then say, "Okay, then let's get down to business."

"Why did she suddenly become so serious?" thought Kazuya.

At that instant, and with a cat-like look, Ruka tells him that Chizuru is a rental girlfriend and that it doesn't matter how friendly she might be, since that's just her "job". So she asks Kazuya not to misunderstand, and that if he tries anything with her, he would be violating the contract and would never see her again.

"However, I'm still wondering why you decided to confess? Explain it to me, please," Ruka said.

Hearing that, Kazuya falls silent and tells himself that he can't tell Ruka the details, who at that moment tells him that a confession would be very dangerous and the chances of it succeeding are almost nil.

Then, Ruka explains to Kazuya that even though he made a movie with Chizuru, and certainly that crossed the boundary between "rental girlfriend" and "client", it doesn't mean that they are now more "intimate", since, after all, that was always Chizuru's dream, and of course, also to show it to Grandma Sayuri.

Ruka then tells him that she does love him and that she can fulfill his grandmother's wish. And hearing that, Kazuya says to himself that in a way Ruka is right, but he still wants to confess his feelings to Chizuru.

Suddenly, Ruka tells him, "Then, I'll sleep here today."

"No, there's no way that's going to happen," Kazuya replied.

From one moment to another, Ruka starts to throw a tantrum while exclaiming that Kazuya shouldn't confess. So Kazuya tells her that he was also thinking about her feelings, and upon hearing that, Ruka calms down and then asks him if he knows how much she loves him.

At that instant, Kazuya blushes, while Ruka approaches him and tells him that if there was a way to convey her feelings to him, she would definitely do it. And before Kazuya could react, Ruka kisses him passionately, and then tells him that she loves him with all her strength and that she will show him her love as many times as necessary.

Faced with such a situation, Kazuya didn't know what to do, and just before Ruka kisses him for the second time, the doorbell suddenly rings.

Quickly, Kazuya, who is very flushed, goes out to see who it is, while Ruka tries to stop him.

The moment Kazuya opens the door, he gets the surprise that it was Chizuru. And both Kazuya and Ruka are quite surprised, while Chizuru, with a puzzled look, says, "Ruka-chan...".

As the seconds tick by, Chizuru and Ruka stare at each other without saying a single word. And after a moment, Ruka stands up, adjusts her clothes and with a serene look says, "Good night, Chizuru-san."

Hearing that, Chizuru falls silent, while Ruka asks her why she came.

"I came because I just met someone downstairs..." replied Chizuru.

Suddenly, Grandma Nagomi appears, leaving Kazuya and Ruka surprised.

Next time: "Grandma Nagomi's proposal".

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  1. Seriously, Ruka is very annoying, I hope Kazuya ends her once and for all.

  2. shut up ruka les gana a todas fin

    1. zeref I'm going to kill youApril 17, 2021 at 4:53 PM

      claro que si papa arriba TEAMRUKA

  3. Ruka apesta y mucho. No sólo es el personaje más molesto de Kanokari, es también el peor escrito.

  4. Ruka is honestly getting worse than Mami

    1. Yes Anonymous, She has always been worse, Mami at least was his girlfriend, Ruka from the beginning got into Kazuya's life by force

  5. Oh man, now that is going to get worse!
    I believe for next chapter showing drama and lots of arguing 😬

  6. A lot of people say that Ruka is annoying and all, but remember, we all know how this manga is going to end, and we know that Ruka is crazy about Kazuya. I'm not pissed at her, actually fell bad for her, she is trying to avoid getting her heart crushed at all cost and in the end she won't succedd.


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