Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Chapter 228 - SUMMARY

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Chapter 228

Chapter 228: Shinomiya Kaguya's impossible challenge: "Buddha's stone plate, part 3."

As usual, Ishigami and Iino are fighting. And seeing them, Fujiwara feels a great relief, as things finally returned to normal between them, or at least that's what she thinks.

"I don't think that's the way you should feel," Shirogane said.

Hearing that, Fujiwara explains to Shirogane that lately Ishigami and Iino have been very friendly, which made her afraid, that's why she thinks it's better to see them act like they used to.

Faced with such a situation, Kaguya asks Ishigami and Iino why they are fighting this time.

"Ishigami took quite a while to answer me for Line!" exclaimed Iino angrily.

Thus, Iino comments that she made a great effort to send Ishigami a message, but he never replied. However, Ishigami mentions that this was not the case, as he did reply, it just took him a while to do so.

"You ignored me for 12 hours!"

Angry, Iino tells Ishigami that at least he could have sent her an emoji or told her that he was busy, as for a moment she thought that maybe she said something that could cause him to get angry.

Seeing them act that way, Fujiwara shows an expressionless face, as Ishigami and Iino's fight seems like that of lovers who have already been dating for 3 months.

Such is the argument of both of them, that they completely forgot about the people around them.

Then, to avoid further discussion, Ishigami tells Iino that he usually doesn't use his cell phone, since he uses his computer to talk to all his friends.

"Wait, do you have friends, Ishigami...?" she said surprised.

"You shouldn't be surprised about that!!!"

Exalted, Ishigami tells her that even if he has 10 friends on Line, on Discord he has more than 100 friends. And hearing that, Iino tells him that she doesn't know what Discord is, so Ishigami explains what it's for.

And once Ishigami finishes explaining, Iino tells him that it's a big hassle to use it, so she prefers to stick with Line. Hearing that, Ishigami is indignant that every time he comments on Discord, he is ignored.

However, Fujiwara tells Ishigami that the Tabletop Gaming Club has a Discord server, so she will send him an invitation to join so he can play with them. With a smile, Ishigami accepts, while Iino just watches silently.

In the evening, Ishigami receives the Discord invitation from Fujiwara, so he joins and after a moment starts playing Apex Legends with Gigako and Shiranui.

"Nice to meet you Shiranui-san," Ishigami said.

"Likewise, Yuu-chin."

Thus, Ishigami stayed up late playing with her new Discord friends.

The next day, at school, Ishigami starts yawning in the classroom. And upon seeing him, Iino asks him if he slept well, to which Ishigami says no, since he stayed up late playing.

"I see..."

Suddenly, Shiranui appears and approaches Ishigami to say, "I understand you.... I couldn't sleep either."

With a smile, Shiranui asks Ishigami if he had fun last night, to which he, at first, did not know who she was, but then was able to recognize her by the voice. And as the two continue to converse, the other students look at Ishigami with jealousy.

From one moment to another, a student approaches and asks Shiranui if she knows Ishigami, to which she says yes, since she played with him all night.

"I have to say you were very good, Ishigami-kun. I could really enjoy it!" she said with a smile.

Before leaving, Shiranui asks Ishigami if he is free on the night, as she wants to play with him again.

"Yes, I am! Let's do it again!"

"Good, then I'll be waiting for you in the evening."

While the other students are speechless at what they have just seen, Iino is perplexed.

Thus, a new obstacle has appeared in Iino's life.

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