Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 187 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 187

Chapter 187: The girlfriend and the temporary girlfriend

Continuing with the events of the last chapter, Chizuru, who is sitting on the floor, claims to Ruka why she suddenly entered her room. And hearing such a claim, Ruka becomes silent, but then says, "Why? Why didn't you say no...?".

Hearing that, Chizuru looks surprised, while Ruka tells her that if it had been her, she would have said no.

At that instant, Chizuru gets annoyed and tells her to listen to what she's saying, since it doesn't make sense, given that she was the one who insisted on the trip.

"It's not allowed, is it?" said Ruka. "A rental girlfriend can't go on a trip with her client," she lowers her gaze. "After all, he's still your client, isn't he?"

Seeing Ruka's attitude; Chizuru, who looks exalted, tells her that she only agreed for Kazuya's grandmother's welfare. And the moment she finished saying those words, Ruka gets angry and, from one moment to another, takes out the envelope of an opened condom and throws it at Chizuru.

At that moment, Chizuru does not realize what the envelope was, which by the way, had fallen on her leg, but then, when she looks better, she realizes that it is a condom, generating her to blush heavily.

Then, Ruka stares at her and tells her that she already had sex with Kazuya. And while Chizuru is holding the condom envelope, Ruka tells her that Kazuya probably didn't want to hurt her, that's why he didn't tell her that he already did it with her.

"Your time is up!" exclaimed Ruka, who then tells her that it's too late for her to have regrets.

And before she leaves the room, Ruka tells Chizuru that she is the reason why she is Kazuya's girlfriend.

Thus, Ruka leaves, while Chizuru lies down on the floor as she holds the condom envelope.

After that, Ruka, who is returning home, starts to think about what she said. She says to herself if maybe she went too far, but then she perks up and gets to thinking that she must not regret it since she cannot allow Kazuya to be with Chizuru.

"Of course I always knew that Kazuya-kun was in love with her...", Ruka thought. "But I never worried about them being close...since Chizuru-san never gave me the impression that she was interested in him."

At that instant, Ruka recalls the attitude that Chizuru showed when she was with Grandma Nagomi, and tells herself that now she does feel that maybe Chizuru is in love with Kazuya.

"Don't back down, Sarashina. The real fight has just begun!" thought Ruka.

On the other hand, Kazuya is having a conversation with his grandmother, who tells him that he should be ashamed for making Chizuru do things for him, when she's having a hard time at the moment.

"I hope this trip will help ease the burden she's carrying," Grandma Nagomi said.

Hearing that, Kazuya tells himself that he needs to confess to Chizuru how he feels as soon as possible.

"Just wait, grandma. Very soon... I'll be able to tell you the whole story!", Kazuya thought.

Meanwhile, Chizuru is looking at the condom envelope and remembers what Ruka told her.

"It's not dry yet. It must have been opened recently," thought Chizuru while holding the condom envelope.

At that moment, Chizuru says to herself that maybe Ruka tried to cheat on her, but then tells herself that she might be wrong, since, after all, Kazuya is a man and it's normal for him to do that kind of thing.

"If he finds a nice girlfriend... then it's okay, right?" said Chizuru, who then sighs and wonders to herself why she agreed to go on the trip.

Next time: "The day of the trip".

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  1. The lie that really pisses me off really .now , because of what she said i bet she’s going to take distance with kazuya and this is baaaad

  2. I hope she found out about the truth during the trip and become close with kazuya

  3. After this, Ruka will be the most hated, even Mami-chan didn't reach that level (although maybe she will later lol).

  4. At this point Ruka is worse than Mami without a doubt I don't see why she would want him to sacrifice his happiness for hers even though he doesn't even like her

  5. I like how it says ruka will fight for his love but she already lost like I dont think he every truly liked her


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