Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 189 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 189

Chapter 189: The girlfriend and paradise - Part 2

Continuing with the events of the last chapter, Ruka gives a big shout of surprise upon seeing Kuribayashi, who, like Kazuya, is also quite surprised.

"Why is Kuri here?! Did Kibe invite him?!" thought Kazuya as he freaks out.

At that moment, the atmosphere becomes very awkward between Kazuya, Ruka and Kuribayashi. But suddenly Grandma Nagomi intervenes and asks Kazuya what's going on, leaving him even more worried about what's going on. However, the situation gets even worse for Kazuya when Kibe asks him if he knows that girl (Ruka).

Again, Grandma Nagomi intervenes and introduces Ruka to the others, saying that she is an old friend of Chizuru's.

Hearing that, Kuribayashi looks confused, but at that instant Kibe asks him if he also knows Ruka.

"Don't say it! You can't say she's your rental ex-girlfriend!" thought Kazuya, who looks very exalted.

Then, before the situation gets more awkward, Kazuya mentions that some time ago the 4 of them got together and went out to hang out. And upon hearing that, Grandma Nagomi is happy and mentions that she's glad to know that they all know each other, since, that way, everyone will be able to talk more naturally.

And once Grandma Nagomi finishes saying that, she mentions that it's time to leave. Suddenly, however, Kuribayashi asks Kazuya if he can give him a moment of his time, to then ask him to accompany him to the bathroom.

Hearing that, Grandma Nagomi tells them that there is still some time, so they can go to the bathroom at their leisure. Meanwhile, Ruka and Chizuru look worried.

In the bathroom, Kuribayashi asks Kazuya what's going on, to which he apologizes and explains that after the double date they had, Chizuru and Ruka got to know each other better, and that the other day Grandma Nagomi found them together and that's why they're here.

Once again, Kuribayashi looks very surprised at how things ended up, while Kazuya asks him to please not say anything about the rental girlfriends.

"You don't have to tell me that! I know very well!" exclaimed Kuribayashi.

Suddenly, Kibe appears in the bathroom and, while approaching the urinal, mentions that Grandma Nagomi is very happy and that it was a good idea to bring Kuribayashi.

After that, everyone is getting on the train. And before Ruka gets on, Kazuya stops her for a moment and asks her not to act like usual, to which Ruka angrily tells him that she already knows and will only focus on preventing him from confessing his feelings to Chizuru.

Once everyone is inside the train, Kazuya is sitting in a corner while telling himself that things are getting even worse.

Suddenly, Chizuru appears and asks Kazuya if he's okay, to which he, with a serious look, apologizes for getting her involved in all this trouble.

Hearing that, Chizuru remains silent, but then takes out the ring that Grandma Nagomi had given her before and tells Kazuya that she needed to see Grandma one more time to give her the ring, as she knows how important it is to her family.

"Don't worry, I'll explain the situation to Grandma!" said Kazuya.

At that instant, Kazuya gets depressed as he thinks that his grandmother put too much pressure on Chizuru. And seeing him act that way, Chizuru kneels down and tells him that together they will overcome the problem.

As Chizuru blushes slightly, Kazuya lets out a few happy tears.

Next time: "A chaotic taxi ride".

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  1. Oh, finally we see an advance between that two...

  2. & chizuru gives back the ring.. ouch hurts


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