Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 193 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 193

Chapter 193: The girlfriend and paradise - Part 6

Continuing with the events of the last chapter, Kazuya is quite surprised to see Ruka and is also a bit annoyed as he tells himself that he should have locked the door.

Behind Ruka, there is Grandma Nagomi, who tells Kazuya that she initially tried to calm Ruka down, but then told herself that it's not a bad idea for everyone to go to the pool.

However, Kazuya, who is nervous because Ruka is staring at him angrily, knows very well what her intentions are, since being in the pool he won't be able to confess his feelings to Chizuru.

At that moment, Chizuru comes out of the bathroom. And seeing her, Ruka suggests her to go to the pool.

"Huh? Yeah, sure," Chizuru replied.

So, they all decide to go to the pool. Although Kazuya is not happy with the idea, as he is still confused by the recent behavior that Chizuru showed. However, despite the adverse situation he is in, Kazuya is determined to confess his feelings to Chizuru.

After that, Kazuya, Kibe and Kuribayashi are the first to arrive at the pool. And while waiting for the others, Kibe mentions that things seem to be quiet between Chizuru and Mami, as they are having a peaceful party.

Hearing that, Kazuya says to himself that ignorance is bliss, as he was surprised by the conclusion Kibe came to regarding Chizuru and Mami.

Suddenly, Kibe asks Kazuya what was the secret he wanted to tell him the previous time they talked, as it sounded like he wanted to end his relationship with Chizuru.

"You've already left that crazy idea behind, right?" asked Kibe.

Hearing that, Kazuya answers him nervously, telling him not to worry about it and better forget what he told him that time.

However, seeing Kazuya's expression, Kibe tells him that there is no way he can calm down if he sees him acting like that.

Kibe then comments to Kazuya that Grandma Nagomi told him that Chizuru's grandmother recently passed away, and since then she didn't know what to do to cheer Chizuru up. He also tells him that Grandma Nagomi has been sad about her friend's death, and for that reason she has been looking forward to this trip with excitement.

"I think it would be better to leave things as they are," Kibe said.

Hearing that, Kazuya tells himself that for his grandmother's sake he should confess his feelings to Chizuru.

At that instant, Ruka and Chizuru appear in bikinis. And upon seeing them, Kazuya, Kibe and Kuribayashi blush and are very surprised by the beauties they are seeing.

As Ruka and Chizuru get closer, Kazuya, Kibe and Kuribayashi start to see every detail of the bikini they are wearing, when suddenly Ruka says, "Ah! There's the three of them!".

Quickly, the boys avert their eyes. Then Chizuru approaches Kazuya and asks him what he's looking at, to which he replies that he was just admiring how beautiful the pool is.

After a moment, they all enter the pool. And being there, Kazuya starts to admire once again how beautiful Chizuru is.

Suddenly, Chizuru asks Kazuya if he's okay with everything that's going on, to which he replies that he is and that there's no problem.

"I see. That's good," Chizuru said blushing.

Seeing Chizuru respond that way, Kazuya thought that she is an angel.

Next time: "Venus of the pool".

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  1. Great, there is nothing to advance the story. This gets worse with each chapter.

    1. Seriously, instead of complaining every week, just drop the manga.

    2. you're just mad since kazuya has a hot girl, friends and a mom and dad. unlike u, ur dad got stabbed, ur mom got raped, ur sister hanged herself, ur friends despise u and ur cousins hate u. Touch grass, touch a damn girl u virgin, cut ur wrist u depressed mf and hang urself. and go to hell

  2. bueno para mi si es buen anime, las cosas van poco a poco pero creo que KAZUYA se sacrificara por la seguridad de Mitzuhara frente a todos y el terminara siendo el malo de la pelicula para protegerla, ya que MAMI esta esperando para dar el zarpazo final y alejar a Mitzuhara de Kazuya ya que no soporta esta relacion que como ella bien sabe no es falsa ya que ambos estan enamorados

  3. MAMI acusara a Kazuya de acosador como ya le dijo a Mitzuhara en capitulos anteriores, Kazuya aceptara para que no descubran que ella es novia de alquiler

  4. @Uknow I think that's probably right and after all the scandal has passed Mizuhara will bump into him one day in the street and they will go for coffee and that will be the end.


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