Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 195 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 195

Chapter 195: The girlfriend and paradise - Part 8

Continuing with the events of the last chapter, Kazuya blushes and nervously goes up the slide next to Chizuru. He tells himself to keep calm while thinking that he should put his legs outside so as not to make Chizuru uncomfortable. However, at that moment, the attendant of the place tells him that he should put his legs under Chizuru's arms. And hearing that, Kazuya blushes even more.

"What!? No, no, no. You must be kidding, right?" thought Kazuya.

Just like that, Kazuya arranges his legs under Chizuru's arms. And when he finishes doing so, he blushes to the point of just thinking about the fact that a part of him is touching her. At the same time, he also thinks that he would like to touch her even more, like her back or legs.

At that moment, many impure thoughts went through Kazuya's head, and before he knew it, he had already finished the ride on the slide.

Quickly, Kazuya asks Chizuru if she's okay, to which she, with a smile, says yes. And seeing her expression, Kazuya is a little disappointed, as he thought that maybe Chizuru would be excited the same way he was.

As Kazuya gets out of the pool, Chizuru looks at him from behind as she remembers the conversation she had with Mami at Mister Donut restaurant.


That day, outside the restaurant, Mami adds Chizuru in her Line contacts. Then, and while she's looking at her cell phone, she tells Chizuru that it must be hard to be a rental girlfriend, since she has to deal with clients like Kazuya. And hearing that, Chizuru tells her that it's not like that.

"Kazuya-san is no stalker," Chizuru said.

At that instant, Mami shows a cold expression, but quickly changes it and tells Chizuru that she is very naive. In this way, Mami explains to Chizuru that she can't give favoritism to Kazuya, as her other clients might get the wrong idea about her. So she tells her that she has to learn to set boundaries.

However, Chizuru tells her that this is not the case. But suddenly Mami interrupts her and asks, "Are you in love with him...?".

Hearing that, Chizuru falls silent, while Mami, with a cold expression, tells her that she gives the impression that she has fallen in love with him.

Once again, Chizuru remains silent, but this time she blushes a little. And upon seeing her, Mami tells her that it's not her duty to protect Kazuya and that she should beware of what people might think of her, as her credibility as a rental girlfriend is at stake.

For a moment, there was silence between the two, but then Chizuru tells her that this is not the case. And before she could say anything else, Mami interrupts her and tells her that she won't regret this.

Thus, Mami leaves.


At the pool, Chizuru looks a little distressed, when she suddenly notices that her bra has come off, causing her to blush quite a bit.

Next time: "Group activity".

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    1. Nel, mami is a crazy bitch hahaha

  2. Well, at least something interesting happened in this chapter.

  3. I hope kazuya will quickly make his statement to chizuru


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