Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 201 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 201

Chapter 201: The girlfriend and paradise - Part 14

While waiting for the others, Chizuru suddenly hands the condom envelope to Ruka, who is surprised to see it and, blushing, tells her that she shouldn't bring that kind of thing out in public.

However, Chizuru tells her that she wants to give it to her, as she knows that when a woman has her first sexual experience, she wants to keep that "kind of detail". Hearing that, Ruka smiles and sarcastically asks Chizuru if she already accepted the fact that Kazuya did it with her.

Serenely, Chizuru replies to her that it's normal for them to do that kind of thing, since, after all, she's a beautiful woman. And if she's dating Kazuya, even better.

Then, suddenly, Ruka asks Chizuru if she has had her first sexual experience, to which Chizuru, blushing, exclaims that she has not.

As the two continue to talk, Kazuya appears, who is quite surprised to see that Ruka is holding a condom.

At that instant, Ruka becomes very nervous. And, seconds later, Kazuya realizes that Ruka was saying that she had sex with him.

Kazuya quickly tries to clarify the situation, but Chizuru ignores him and angrily leaves the place.

After that, everyone gathers for dinner.And while Kazuya is deep in thought, Chizuru suddenly appears behind him.

"Did you... with her?" asks Chizuru blushing.

Hearing that, Kazuya blushes a lot. He then looks at Ruka and shakes his head as if to say that nothing happened between him and her.

With each passing second, they both remain silent as they stare at each other with blushing faces. But then Chizuru says, "Ah, I see."

At such an answer, Kazuya is left confused as he doesn't know if Chizuru understood what he meant.

After a moment, Chizuru is talking with Grandma Nagomi. Now she is calmer and happier.

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  1. "Did you... with her?" asks Chizuru blushing.

    In the Translation, it only says Did YOU?
    So was this with her was in Japanese Version?


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