Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 204 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 204

Chapter 204: The girlfriend and paradise - Part 17

Continuing with the events of the last chapter, Grandma Nagomi asks Ruka what's the matter, to which she just remains silent as she thinks about how Grandma Nagomi would feel if she finds out Chizuru's secret.

"She might cry or get angry. Or maybe she won't believe me again," Ruka thinks.

As the seconds pass, Ruka recalls the conversation she had with Mami and then thinks about how she doesn't think it's fair for Kazuya and Chizuru to deceive Grandma Nagomi like that.

And while Ruka is immersed in her thoughts, Grandma Nagomi sits down and tells her with a smile that it's time to end the conversation they previously had. Then, Ruka asks her what she needs to see in a woman in order for her to marry Kazuya.

At such a sudden question, Grandma Nagomi is a little surprised and then laughs and says, "So you came to find out for her! But don't worry, since Chizuru-san has exceeded all my expectations."

Hearing that, Ruka falls silent as she thinks that wasn't what she wanted to know, since, after all, she's not Chizuru's friend, but "Kazuya's girlfriend".

"Then, tell me... what if Chizuru was lying...?" asks Ruka, who then shows a worried look.

Grandma Nagomi stares at Ruka and asks if Chizuru is really lying.

"Ah, no, I was just asking 'what if...'," replies Ruka.

With a smile, Grandma Nagomi tells her that she is indeed close friends with Chizuru, since she asked her the same question before.

"I see. Chizuru-san doesn't know what to do either," Ruka thinks.

Then, Grandma Nagomi tells Ruka that no matter what, she will still be very fond of Chizuru even if she ends her relationship with Kazuya.

And hearing that, Ruka is quite surprised, and asks, "Would you be okay with that! Even if she...!".

Grandma Nagomi just remains silent, but then says that if Chizuru ends up with Kazuya, then he will find another woman and marry her. And as she keeps talking, Ruka gets excited and thinks, " Me...That's me! That could be me!".

Then, Ruka plucks up her courage and tries to say "something" to Grandma Nagomi, who keeps talking, saying that even if Chizuru takes a different path, she will always wish her well.

Hearing that, Ruka is perplexed, when suddenly Kazuya's dad appears and tells Grandma Nagomi that it's time to leave.

"Let's go, Ruka-dono!" says Grandma Nagomi.

At that moment, Ruka realizes that Grandma Nagomi sees Chizuru as her real daughter. However, she is not willing to give up, so before Grandma Nagomi leaves, she exclaims, "I want to ask... one last thing!".

After that, everyone prepares to go to sleep. So Ruka tells Grandma Nagomi that she will sleep with Kazuya and Chizuru, as she doesn't want to feel lonely in her room.

Faced with such a situation, Chizuru tells Grandma Nagomi that it's okay for Ruka to accompany them. And upon hearing that, Kazuya starts to think that if Ruka is around, he won't be able to confess his feelings to Chizuru, although he later realizes that he still won't be able to do so due to the rules of the "rental girlfriend" contract.

Then, Kazuya tells his grandmother that it's okay for Ruka to accompany them.

"I see..." says Grandma Nagomi.

Moments later, Kazuya, Chizuru and Ruka are in the room trying to sleep. Ruka tells Chizuru that if she hears anything, then not to turn around.

"Yeah, sure," says Chizuru.

"Nothing will happen!" exclaims Kazuya.

As time passes, Kazuya notices that Ruka has fallen asleep. And seeing her so quiet, he blushes and thinks that she really looks amazing.

Then Kazuya leaves the room to go get some water. And at the moment he leaves, Chizuru gets up and stands up in thought.

Next time: "Confession (now)."

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  1. So Ruka being Ruka. The final part is the most interesting, perhaps chizuru and kazuya...?

  2. seems like kazuya will finally confess but I got a feeling that Chizuru might end up rejecting him for some unknown reason and will reveal afterwards (I think after a few chapters, we will see a flashback regading the reason why she rejects kazuya's confession. But I hope I'm wrong because I'm hoping that the two of them will confess to each other.

    1. Knowing the author, I don't think there will be a confession from either of them (although I would like to see that confession already). Better to wait until ch 205 and see what will happen.

  3. Okay, I hope there will be a confession this time.

    1. heh, you wish. Or should I say we all wish that but we know its not gonna happen hahahaha

  4. Eu n aguento mais , confessa essa poha logo ou comete suicídio


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