Kakkou no Iinazuke Chapter 96 - SUMMARY

Kakkou no Iinazuke Chapter 96

Chapter 96: "One Day, I'll Become an Adult, Too"

Everyone is shocked by Sachi's interruption.

"Not Nagi... give him back!" Sachi yells.

"What's going on? Don't tell me, she thinks... that Nagi-kun is getting married for real...?" Erika tells Nagi.

Realizing the situation, Nagi grabs Sachi by the arm and then leaves the temple.

With the two of them alone, Nagi explains to Sachi that it is not a real wedding and it is only to take pictures that can be used in the Segawa temple's pamphlet. Sachi tells him that she knows everything but she still doesn't like the idea of Nagi getting "married". Nagi changes his attitude and, annoyed, tells Sachi that she spoiled an event that was made with the efforts of many people. Sachi replies that he has changed, because if he was the same as always, he would have refused to participate in a fake wedding. Nagi tells her that she is right, but he has just started to think that at some point he should become an adult, in resume, he was just a boy who was studying and suddenly discovers that someone had changed him at birth and then he was engaged with Erika, then he was finally able to confess to his rival Segawa and finally his first love Ai returned. And that's how he got to today's event where he participated in a fake wedding and thought "Ah, then one day I'm going to have to get married too." To end the conversation Nagi thanks Sachi because without her, Nagi would never have realized everything he had said.

Nagi and Sachi return to the place where the "wedding" was held, Sachi quickly apologizes for the mess but Erika, Segawa and Ai approach Sachi to see if she is okay.

"Looks like you've calmed down a bit...!" Segawa says.

"It was totally all that stress from those exams, right?" comments Erika.

"If this was the real thing, this would've been a big deal, huh?" mentions Ai.

Away from the girl group Nagi thinks that Erika, Segawa and Ai feel sorry for Sachi because she is the youngest.

"So anyway! I came up with this idea all for Sachi-chan's sake...! How about we have everyone do the (pretend) wedding ceremony?" Erika says.

"E...everyone?" Segawa, Ai, and Sachi yells.

"What do you think? You wanted to do the ceremony too, didn't you?" Erika replies.

"Huh...?" Sachi yells embarrassment.

Then Ai says that Erika is right because the more people there are to take photos, the number of them will also increase.

"That's a ton of work for me!" Nagi yells.

"Oh, please! You don't have to hide it!" Erika replies.

"Could it be... I've had my starring role stolen from me again?" Segawa says watching Erika and Nagi fight.

The photo session begins with Nagi and Erika have a traditional wedding theme, then follows the traditional Japanese wedding with Segawa, meanwhile Ai chooses a Chinese-style wedding and the photos with Sachi look more like a graduation couple, as Sachi was still with her school uniform. In the next round of photos the couples must pose as if they are going to kiss but Nagi doesn't kiss any "wife", until Sachi kisses him by surprise.

Next chapter: The meaning of this kiss!

Note: Sorry if you find any spelling errors.


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