Kakkou no Iinazuke Chapter 95 - SUMMARY

Chapter 95: "Today, Segawa-san is Undoubtedly the Star"

Everything is ready for the "wedding" of Umino Nagi and Segawa Hiro. Segawa's father tells Umino that he looks handsome in that traditional outfit and that he will be the photographer for the ceremony. Suddenly, Hiro walks in wearing a traditional japanese dress. Nagi's jaw drops when he sees Hiro as he thinks that she looks very beautiful.

"Hiroooo! In this big world you're the most beautiful...!" Shouts the father of the 'bride.'

"Oh, come on dad, it's not that big a deal…" Hiro replies, embarrassed.

Nagi is so stunned by Hiro's beauty that he can't say a word. Segawa's father still can't take any photos because his tears won't let him see. Segawa's mother is very annoyed with all this "ceremony" and she prefers to leave the place. Segawa's dad asks them to take a couple photos at the main shrine. At that moment, Segawa to make Nagi embarrassed, tells him that it would be correct to call him "Nagi-san".

Erika then appears in a fancy white dress. Seeing her, Nagi asks her why she came to the "ceremony" with a dress of that color, since the only one who can wear white that day is the "bride". Erika replies that she thought it was just a party, so she apologizes to him and then tell him that, after all, she also wanted to get married one day.

"I want to go to your wedding too!" Hiro yells excitedly.

"Yeah! You have to...!" Erika exclaims, clapping her hands with emotion.

Nagi only sees them from afar and wonders who these two are planning to marry. A girl walks up to them and tells them that the photos for the "wedding" haven't been taken yet, so she ask them to escort her to the waiting room.

"I can just wait right here, right?" Erika asks.

"We've prepared a surprise for you while you wait, too," Hiro replies.

Suddenly, Ai appears with a microphone and starts singing a song about jealousy.

"Umm... Ai-san... We're just taking photos here, so you really don't have to sing…" says Hiro approaching Ai.

"Ai won't stand for things to be done half baked" Ai replies.

Then Ai says that in her next number she is only going to sing songs dedicated to Nagi. Umino just thinks that Ai's aura on stage is so amazing. Hiro tells Nagi that the "wedding" is about to start.

After we see all the guests sitting in the place, where the fake ceremony is going to take place, Erika is excited to be in a traditional japanese wedding, while Ai wonders where Sachi is, Erika tells her that Sachi had her entrance exams and that's why she couldn't attend.

The "couple" make their entrance to the ceremony. Both are very nervous and when they least realize it, the moment of the kiss arrives. Erika and Ai look surprised to learn that the "couple" will have a real kiss.

"Wait! Don't take him away from me! Not my big brother!" Sachi shouts with tears in her eyes as she opens the doors of the sanctuary.

"Sachi," Nagi says, surprised looking at his sister.


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