Kanojo mo Kanojo Chapter 86 - SUMMARY

Manga 86: "Her determination - Part 7"

"You tried get away while hiding your feelings and that made Saki mad at you," Mirika says annoyed. "Can you tell me what the hell you want to do?"

Shino keeps in silence without answering and with tears in her eyes.

"You're an idiot!" Mirika yells angrily.

Then Mirika explains to Shino that her telling Naoya her feeling isn't the only way she could hurt Saki, as Shino keeping in silence without saying anything is also bad. Hearing Hoshizaki's words, Shino can't help and cry. Surprised, Mirika quickly apologizes.

"It's that, we're friends and I can't tell her that... I like Mukai-kun," Shino said sadly and embarrassed.

Shino starts to list all the bad things that she thinks she has done to Saki like hiding her feelings, wanting Saki's end her double relationship but no for Saki, kissing Mukai-kun. Shino feels sure that Saki would feel very hurt if she know the truth of all. That's why no matter what her friend says, it's better if Shino and Saki get ways separate and Shino defeats Mukai-kun.

"But you know you can't give up!" Mirika says as she laughs.

"Huh?" Shino answered confused as she had her cellphone in her hand.

Mirika calls Shino coward and questions her love for Naoya. Shino immediately denies and argues it has been a true love since her middle school, and has been using the ribbon Naoya presented her for a long time.

"Well, you're really having serious feelings," yells Mirika. "But I want to ask you. How do you intend to give up when your feelings are so serious?"

The question shocks Shino, who, telling herself that she can do it, Shino takes her cell phone and deletes all of Naoya's photos.

"And this ribbon too!" Shino yells decided to throw the ribbon from her into the sea, but she doesn't succeed and falls to her knees in the sand.

Mirika seeing Shino's attitude tells her that love is complicated and that is why she can't help her. However, even though she doesn't know how she's going to end it all, she doesn't think it's bad to have someone with whom she can fight shoulder to shoulder.

"But hey! They're going to end up rejecting you anyway!" Mirika yells as she walks away from Shino.

In the last scene we see how Naoya and Saki appear, and Shino was surprised. It's at this time that Mirika says to Shino that she was the one who sent her location to Naoya.


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