Kanojo mo Kanojo Chapter 87 - SUMMARY

Kanojo mo Kanojo Chapter 87

Chapter 87: "Her determination - Part 8"

"Shino-san!" Naoya yells approaching Shino.

"Mukai-kun," Shino says.

"Finally I find you," Naoya mentions looking at her fixedly.

Shino runs away but Naoya won't let her go and grabs her by the arm.

"Let me go!" Shino yells.

"Those feelings that you hide... I can already get more or less an idea of what they are...!" Naoya replies "But you haven't told Saki-chan!"

"I don't want to say it...!" Shino says with tears in her eyes "I made a serious mistake!... I never should have done that!"

"Shino...?" Saki asked worriedly.

"Shino-san... you're not saying everything... and you intend to bear all this trouble alone for Saki-chan's, right?" Naoya says "But you have to talk!"

Saki and Nagisa think that Naoya may have used other words to convince Shino to talk. Naoya again asks Shino to speak, Naoya wants Shino to think about how Saki-chan will feel if they separate as things are. Shino yells that if she told the whole truth, the one who would be hurt the most would be Saki.

"Do you understand Mukai-kun?!" Shino yells.

"Of course!" replies Naoya "I'm sure... that in my current position, it's not right for me to try to make you say what you feel! Because it's a fact that there will be problems! But I don't want things to end like this!... If I were someone who acted based on what's right or wrong... Then I wouldn't even be in a double relationship,"

Shino wonders why Naoya had to take everything to such an extreme.

Naoya tells her that Saki cares a lot about Shino and that he doesn't want their friendship to end because of all this trouble. Shino doesn't say anything and tries to run away again but Naoya stops her. The boy with tears in his eyes tells her that if Shino doesn't talk about it, this problem will never end.

"Let us hear the reason why you still... keep that ribbon!" Naoya yells hoping Shino tells the whole truth.

Shino manages to get Naoya to let go of her arm but she doesn't move, she just stands there crying and with her ribbon in her hand.

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