Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 237 - SUMMARY

Chapter 237: "Ideal Squad"

At the beginning of this chapter Marianne explains that she is from a high class family. While the girl who is also in her team is called Uzu her security demon, before the exam while Uzu served Marianne tea, they start a conversation where Marianne says she is excited about the exam that they are going to do together with their classmates. abnormal class. She says that in that class there are many handsome boys like Agares, Asmodeus, Andro, Sabnock and Iruma but then they change to a scene where Marianne finds that the leader of her group is Kamui and he hugs her in a very perverted way.

Then, we see the scene where she was running, thinking how sad her fate was, but she accidentally ran into Asmodeus's team and that's when she decided she wouldn't be separated from them. Asmodeus starts to go over the S.O.S mission and asks if they have any questions, the only one who seemed to have any doubts was Kamui but in the end he just wanted to ask about Elizabetta's team. Asmodeus asks what Elizabetta's team has to do with the mission, Kamui at first says nothing but then says that if they join Elizabetta's team they would have 6 girls in a single team and thus they would form a harem. Amodeus tells him annoyed that if he only thinks about perverted things all the time. Marianne freaks out because she thought the Asmodeus team was going to abandon them.

Then Asmodeus asks Kamui, if he has seen Iruma's team, he tells him no, this reply makes Asmodeus sad, then Kamui starts saying that his erotic master radar is reacting and that Iruma is a boy who caught in his clutches girls older and younger than him. Kamui states that very soon Iruma will start doing perverted things and that is why he deserves death. Asmodeus listening to his partner gets angry and burns him.

Uzu seeing the scene of Asmodeus and Kamui, comments on how troublesome the group is. The team then heads to the fourth floor, where they surprisingly manage to get to easily. Zeze says that it must be because they are stars so it was easy for them to reach their destination. Asmodeus hesitates and says that they should calm down, it's too soon to be happy. Suddenly, a rather simple-looking teacher appears.

In the last part of this chapter we see the teacher converse with Asmodeus about how quickly his team got away. Asmodeus explains that it is better for him to sacrifice himself . While his team accomplish the mission. The professor realizes that Asmodeus thinks he can beat him in battle, so he makes a surprise attack on him and asks him if he ever fought a demon more skilled than him.

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