Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 - SUMMARY

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239

Chapter 239: "Steal the show"

Takemichi, Chifuyu, and Hakkai are at the event site, wearing their Thousand Winters uniform. One by one, the models take to the stage, showing off the works of the participants.

The Thousand Winters boys are impressed.

"Couldn't top my style, though," Chifuyu says.

"Chifuyu, get over it... will ya," Takemichi replies.

Takemichi wonders if Mitsuya will be able to win, and Hakkai tells him without hesitation that Taka-chan will be the one to take home the prize.

In backstage, we see how Yasuda runs to deliver Mitsuya, inadvertently yelling "President!" and gives him some materials that he needed. Mitsuya tells Yasuda that he should stop calling him that. Mitsuya manages to finish his designs, so he is grateful to the members of the sewing club, who helped him for free. Yasuda replies that they do everything because they know it's Mitsuya's future.

The speakers announce that it is Mitsuya's turn, the theme of his design is "Twin Dragons". Hakkai immediately panics and says "Kyaaa, it's Mitsuya's turn. What should we do, Chifuyu?!" Chifuyu looks annoyed and tells Hakkai to shut up.

We see 2 models walking on stage showing Mitsuya's designs, everyone was really amazed seeing Mitsuya's work, the design was very very elegant and unique, both models wear identical designs but have their own characteristics depending on the theme, "Twin Dragons". Everyone present gives a round of applause and Takemichi's eyes fill with tears, and he says to himself "Draken-kun, are you watching this?".

The event ends and it's time to announce the winner and it turns out that the winner is Mitsuya!. Everyone stands up and gives a standing ovation. Takemichi thinks "Mitsuya is a great person, he shouldn't be in the world of delinquents, this is the world he belongs to".

Everyone was waiting for Mitsuya to come on stage. Mitsuya shows up, but everyone looks at him confused. Mitsuya was wearing Toman's uniform, she shaved off her hair and showed his dragon tattoo (identical to Drake-kun's). Takemichi was confused and the audience started gossiping among themselves. Still, Mitsuya confidently stands in front of the microphone and thanks the judges for the award.

"A few days ago a friend came to me and said he's going to fight an old friend… Takemichi, Do you mind me tagging a log?" Mitsuya says, looking at the leader of Thousand Winter.

Takemichi is totally confused by Mitsuya's words.

"I'm rejecting this award!" Mitsuya yells "I'm sorry for those who helped me and to the judges who selected me."

The judges were angry and disagreed with Mitsuya's decision. The audience for its part began to throw things on stage, books, papers, bottles, cans.

"No matter how great the award is... if you abandon the friends who made you happiest for it... then that award is down-right shitty!" Mitsuya answers the people.


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