Tokyo Revengers Chapter 238 - SUMMARY

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 238

Chapter 238: "Really into it"

This chapter begins with all the members of Thousand Winters sitting around a table.

"Now all Thousand Winters needs is an advisor and someone with some taste!" Takemichi says, looking at his new gang mates.

"Totally agree!" Inui replies.

Chifuyu seems confused and says he understands about the adviser, but he didn't understand what Takemichi meant by "good taste". Hakkai tells Chifuyu that he didn't realize they were talking about his bad fashion sense.

"Anyway! I got a good idea who we're looking for! A person with great style, and is level headed," Takemichi yells as the same time he stands up.

"Oh!? Are you talking about someone who I hold a lot of respect for!?" Hakkai replies.

Takemichi tells Hakkai that he is right, then the whole group heads to the house of the "chosen" person.

"Taakaaachaaaan! Let's plaaay!!" shouts Hakkai very loudly in front of the door of Mitsuya's house.

Takashi's little sister opens the door and tells them to be quiet because her brother was having a hard time. Takemichi and Hakkai are confused, while Luna, noticing it, tells them that her brother is going to participate in a competition for rookie designers in a week. Takemichi understands the situation, but Hakkai mentions that Mitsuya hates awards and recognition.

"Yup, he did mention that before, but the thing with Draken-kun happened, Y'know?" answers Luna worried. “Ever since then, my brother started to shut himself in he keeps on designing and doesn't even get out to eat.”

Takemichi enters Mitsuya's house along with Luna, and upon reaching Takashi's room, Takemichi finds a very dirty place and Mitsuya swears as he throws a piece of paper that falls to Luna.

"Oh, it's you Luna," Mitsuya says after calming down.

"Mitsuya-kun," Takemichi mentions.

"Takemichi?" Mitsuya asks and then he turns to look at him.

Later, we see Takemichi and Mitsuya sitting on some swings. Away from them, Hakkai comments that Taka-chan has lost a lot of weight, while Inui and Chifuyu say that Draken's death must have affected Mitsuya badly.

"Why did you come here?" Takashi asks.

"Mitsuya-kun… I will fight Mikey-kun that's why I'm building a team right now and so I was thinking that... you could…" Takemichi replies.

"I... Wanna show it to him," Mitsuya interrupts.

Just then, Mitsuya starts to tell a story that happened on a snowy day. Takashi met Draken at a shrine. Draken asked how he had been and Mitsuya also asked Draken about his bike shop. Draken said that he hasn't made any profit yet, but that he was working with Inupi.Draken then asks Mitsuya if he was used to not being a member of Tokyo Manji. Then Draken, as he looks at Takashi, laughs and says "I'll live dragging Mikey back and you'll definitely be a designer."

After finishing telling that precious memory, Mitsuya leaves and Takemichi wipes away his tears. Takemichi realized that Mitsuya wanted to fulfill the promise he made to Draken, so he decides not to insist and instead wants to support Mitsuya's dream. A week later, the day of "Japan Fashion Culture Newcomer Award", Takemichi and the members of Thousand Winters visit the award venue.


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