Kanojo mo Kanojo Chapter 89 - SUMMARY

Kanojo mo Kanojo Chapter 89 - SUMMARY

Chapter 89

Next morning, Shino apologizes to Saki regarding what happened the day before. Saki feels very awkward and doesn't know what to say. Shino tells her not to worry. Meanwhile, Mirika laughs at Shino, saying it was predictable and it's not a big deal getting rejected. Saki is very uncomfortable and tells Naoya to console her somewhere else.

Shino and Naoya are standing at the beach (Saki is hiding behind). Shino, who somehow looks very calm after the incident, tells Naoya this was not the summer she had imagined. Naoya, who is feeling very guilty, kneels down and apologizes once again. He vows to make the Saki-Shino relationship back to normal. Shino answers back by saying she still loves him. She loves how he never gives up and tries his best every time, and also how he is very honest to Shino. She adds that she could not hold back her feelings and that's why she confessed. She asks why he couldn't accept her. Naoya answers by saying he has the obligation to make Saki and Nagisa happy.

Shino stands up and asks, if Naoya somehow manages to make both happy, would that mean she still has chance. Naoya and Saki are perplexed and Saki jumps in. Shino tells him she is stupid for not being able to give up and shouts out, "I also want to be Mukai-kun's girlfriend!!!".

Shino then asks Saki how she thinks, and tells her that she will give up if Saki does not approve. Saki loses her words. Shino tells her she won't give up until Saki manages to decide. Shino walks away. Everyone is dumbfounded, including Mirika and Nagisa who were hiding behind the rocks.

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