Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Chapter 260 - SUMMARY

Chapter 260: "Kaguya-sama is not alone"

As Kaguya runs from Un'yo's goons, Ishigami tells her to run towards the Moon's direction.

"Oh, come on! How could you do this now! Just when everything was going well!" Fujiwara yells "Why do you have to be like this?!" We had it all figured out!"

"Yes whatever. Almost nothing in the world can end well for everyone. I'm not going to stand still and let myself be defeated. Oh god, all Shinomiyas are the same…" answers Un'yo.

Fujiwara says that it doesn't matter how much her brothers harass Kaguya, her friends will always protect her.

"You better stop thinking that everything will work for you! God I can't handle this, you brats are too smart for your own good, it's a hassle" Un'yo says  "You're Prime Minister Fujiwara's daughter, right? Are you who created this plan?"

Fujiwara, Miko and Ishigami explain that they only had ideas but it was the president who turned the ideas into actual plans and he was the one with the ability to act on them. Then, Ishigami says that even though president wouldn't think that way, the whole thing was only possible because of him.

"You must keep your victory speech for when you really win. If Kaguya doesn't complete her escape…" Un'yo mentions.

"That's not going to happen," Chika interrupts "You can't imagine how persistent the president is, or how far he's willing to go for her... Even if this plan fails, he already has plan B and plan C ready,"

Then, they hint that the president got the most spectacular part of the plan.

Meanwhile, as Kaguya is running she thinks about how life continues even after happy endings. Life can't be just happiness. There will always be regrets to have. But she will always treasure the happy memories. She's aware she's not alone anymore.

Kaguya reaches a dead end, in front of a cliff. Goons say that it's over, but Kaguya jumps off the cliff. But turns out that Miyuki was right there on a helicopter, ready to catch her.

"I came to get you, Kaguya," Miyuki says.

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