Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Chapter 261 - SUMMARY

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Chapter 261

Chapter 261: "Kaguya-sama wants a confession"

As Papa Shirogane drives the helicopter, Kaguya and Miyuki continue to hang from the ladder.

"Where did you get it?" Kaguya asks. "It's just that a helicopter is super dramatic,"

The president replies that it was Ishigami's idea, since a helicopter is practiced at night and faster than a train, although it’s not very comfortable for long-distance trips

"Seriously... Why did you do something so risky?... Even though I'm not your girlfriend anymore," Kaguya says.

"What a silly question... Do I have to start from the beginning?" Miyuki replies.

"A helicopter like this... this must have cost a fortune, right?" Kaguya exclaims.

Miyuki tells her that he interpreted the money she gave him as a message to save her. The president then explains that Un'yo cooperated with them at first, and they knew Seiryu was just a messenger. And once Gan'an told them about the will, they hoped it would be easy to deal with. To end her explanation, Miyuki tells her that everything was too easy, almost as if someone had prepared the events that were going to happen.

"Oh God…. This moment was definitely meant to happen… of a knight saving a princess… Fuah, I want that at least once," Ishigami says, watching Kaguya and Miyuki's scene.

"Well, that's probably the same for both," Miko comments.

"What do you mean?" Ishigami asks, looking at Miko.

"Even the women in the end, they also want to play at being the princess who is saved by the knight and… really… if everything could go as one plan, I would have lived life more sensibly," answers Miko.

Afterwards, we go back to the scene where Kaguya admits that she did, in fact, set up a lot of those situations beforehand, but it wouldn't have happened without Shirogane making the right decisions. She trusted in her friends and Miyuki.

"Thank you for believing in me," Miyuki says, as he puts one of her hands on Kaguya's head. "Ah… right… I should say… I have no intention of letting you go! Even if you're dragged to places I can't reach! Even if it takes me years, or hundreds of years! I'll go find you, Kaguya! I will not give up! I won't let them separate us! Shinomiya I'll say this just once, listen to me well… I like you Kaguya! Please, be my girlfriend!"

Kaguya is very happy knowing that Miyuki loves her the same way she loves him.

"Could you answer me?" Miyuki asks, embarrassed.

"Yes! Of course, I want to be your girlfriend!" Kaguya answers, while she hugs Miyuki very tightly.

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