Kanojo mo Kanojo Chapter 97 - SUMMARY

Chapter 97: "What will we do in the future?"

Summer vacations are coming to an end. Saki and Nagisa are angry when they remember that they haven't done their homework yet.

"If you're like this with something so small. What do you plan to do in the future?" Shino says.

Both are surprised, since they had never thought about their future.

"I… all my life I have lived comfortably without obligation or need. So if possible I don't want to have to study or work. So… maybe I'm aiming to be a professional video game player…" Saki replies.

"Apologize to the people who have that job!!" Shino yells.

Naoya approaches Saki to say he supports her decision.

"Do you want to be a pro gamer?!" You'll have to do things like win tournaments...!! Or do live to gather followers!! It's not easy at all!!" Shino exclaims.

Suddenly Mirika appears and Saki remembers that Hoshizaki is a successful Metube pro gamer.

"Accept me as your apprentice, Mirika-sama!!" Saki yells,  kneeling before Mirika.

"Why are you screaming and kneeling out of nowhere?! " Mirika replies, surprised.

Saki explains that she wants to join one of her live broadcasts and become instantly popular.

"I don't have a reason to help you, Saki!" Mirika replies.

So Saki offers her a deal, for every hour that Mirika has a collaboration with Saki, she will give her an hour to spend alone with Naoya.

Shino tries to stop Saki from "selling" Naoya, but Naoya is willing to do anything for Saki. Also, Saki believes that Mirika will not seduce Naoya.

"I…If the collaboration lasts 24 hours…W…will you accept that I spend the night with Naoya…?" Mirika asks shyly.

"I will do it!!" Saki replies, very determined.

Mirika is thinking about Saki's deal. She doesn't want a rookie like Saki on her live stream, as her pride as a successful player of hers doesn't allow it. Mirika then asks Saki what she can do. Saki replies that her face is pretty and even though she has small breasts, she will try to make up for it.

"I'm going to be the funny girl with the small breasts on your live stream!!" Saki explains.

Mirika knows Saki really hates being called flat, so she understands how strong Saki's desire is to become her disciple.

"So let's work!! It's okay?! Let's go with everything, table!!" Mirika yells.

"Who are you calling table?! Do you want to die?" Saki answers,and grabbing Mirika by her blouse.

Later, Shino asks Nagisa about her future plans. Nagisa replies that she only wants to cook for Naoya. And that's how Shino realized that Nagisa still has no idea what to do in her future.

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