Kanojo mo Kanojo Chapter 98 - SUMMARY

Chapter 98: "Go for your dreams"

The chapter starts with Saki and Mirika beginning their streaming. Mirika reminds Saki of their treatment, while thinking that no matter how many hours of collaboration Saki has with her, she can't ever be popular.

However, Mirika realizes that Naoya is looking at her worriedly and begins to dream that after one night with him, they would return as a couple of lovebirds. Later, Mirika tells her followers that she will be collaborating with a "friend" who has small breasts.

"My pleasure, I'm SakiSaki!! And I hate big breasts," greets Saki.

"SakiSaki told me that she wanted to become a professional video game player. Support her, even though she has small breasts!" Mirika says.

Saki is furious at Mirika's words, so she begins to kill all of her enemies quickly.

"Wow, you're really good at this despite having small breasts!" Mirika comments, surprised.

"It's because I've played it for 10,000 hours!!" Saki answers.

Mirika's followers realize that she is the SakiSaki who has won many tournaments and start subscribing to her MeTube channel.

"I already have 5000 subscribers!!" Saki shouts with surprise.

"You've even become a trend on Twitter!!" Mirika replies.

Saki thinks to herself, maybe she doesn't need to do a collaboration anymore. Mirika, who until a few minutes ago dreamed of her day alone with Naoya, tries to change Saki's mind and tells her that MeTube is not that easy and with only five thousand subscribers she will not be able to live, especially for a girl with little breasts.

"Ugh!! That's true!!" Saki says.

"It's the worst, but you don't get 10,000 subscribers..." Mirika tries to explain.

"I've surpassed 10,000 subscribers..." Saki comments, excited.

Mirika's dreams seem to drift away, as Saki happily greets Mirika's fans.

"SakiSaki, how's it going with your boyfriend?" Mirika asks.

Suddenly, Saki's subscribers start to decrease and in the comments she can see that the fans are disappointed

"I... It's true that I... I have a boyfriend, but... We haven't done anything yet!!" Saki yells.

Saki's subscribers increase again, but Saki turns off the microphone and accuses Mirika of asking that question on purpose.

"Y...you're wrong...and...I...I'm worried..." Mirika says nervously.

Then, Saki said doing streaming is easy and she doesn't need to work with Mirika.

"But if you insist, I could do a collaboration with you, you know?" Saki says superbly.

"I won't tease you with your small breasts and I'll promote you on social media... do a collaboration with me please," Mirika replies and kneels before Saki.

Saki is shocked, but accepts Mirika's petition. Naoya, Nagisa and Shino, who were observing everything, only comment that Saki is very good at playing, but dedicating to two things at the same time will bring her problems.

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