Kanojo mo Kanojo Chapter 99 - SUMMARY

Kanojo mo Kanojo Chapter 99

Chapter 99: "Pass the exam!"

The second semester has begun. Naoya is incredibly eager to rank first in his school and will do whatever it takes to do so.

"I want to be sure that I'm a man capable of making both of you happy," explains Naoya, looking at Saki and Nagisa. "I really intend to get first place, but in case… I don't… at that moment I would like you think about what will become of you and realize that I can't even achieve this despite all my efforts,"

Saki and Nagisa understand Naoya's words, but Shino suggests that they all try to help him. The two girls like the idea and decide to cooperate.

"Well, let's work together!" Shino exclaims.

"Yes!" Nagisa replies enthusiastically.

Naoya looked with surprise at the three girls in front of him.

"Leaving aside accepting that you stay in a relationship with two girls... I want to support you!" Saki says.

"To keep you in good shape! I'll help you with the food," says Nagisa.

However, Mirika, knowing that Naoya's failure is better for her, tries to tempt Naoya into playing "Eldon Ring" with her.

"Yes, let's play!!" Naoya replies.

"Don't do it!" Saki yells, before standing next to Naoya, along with Nagisa and Shino. "Mirika!! We won't let you disrupt Naoya's studies!!"

Mirika tells them that they should also stay away from Naoya for a month, as having women around could have a negative effect on Naoya's ability to concentrate. Mirika claims that men are creatures who cannot resist the charms of women.

Naoya is unable to deny Mirika's words, but says that he will resist any temptation, that they don't need to stay away from him and that he will fulfill his goal of being number one.

"If I successfully get first place in the exam… I promise I'll have a personal date with each of you for a whole day!!" Naoya yells, seriously.

The four girls are shocked, and Mirika becomes conflicted.

"B... but there are still more benefits if I interrupt..." Hoshizaki replies.

"But I don't think you'll be happy that I'm going out with you by elimination process, after my double relationship didn't work… you're the prettiest, the strongest and the most attractive, aren't you Mirika-san?" Explains Naoya. "If I went out with you, I would like to be attracted and fall completely in your charms Mirika-san,"

Mirika finally gives up and the 4 girls start making plans to help Naoya.

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