Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 240 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 240

Chapter 240: The girlfriend and the kiss - Part 9

Short summary.

Well, first we start with Kazuya remembering what Chizuru told him on the date. And after he keeps thinking about it, he starts imagining her naked.

Suddenly, Kazuya receives a message via Line from Yaemori, who asks him how it went with Chizuru.

Thus, Yaemori, who is dressed as a nurse, goes to Kazuya's room, who tells her what happened on the date he had with Chizuru. And after talking for a moment, Yaemori goes into despair, as she sees no progress in the relationship of the two of them.

Then Yaemori tells Kazuya that it's all up to Chizuru at this point, as she is the one who should make the first move.

Meanwhile, Chizuru is doing yoga. And when she finishes doing it, she remembers what she told Kazuya on the date, about maybe he is in love with the rental girlfriend "Chizuru Mizuhara" and not "Chizuru Ichinose".

After that, Kazuya starts cleaning his room, as he knows that any moment Chizuru will come to visit him to ask for the yoga coupon. And while he is cleaning, suddenly someone knocks on the door.

So Kazuya opens the door and is surprised to see that it is Chizuru, who then asks him if they can talk for a moment.

"Ah, yes!" replies Kazuya with a blush.

Once inside, Chizuru asks him to close the door, to which he is even more surprised as he looks at her breasts and butt.

Next time: "Completely naked".

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  1. At least from the last chapter we got to see that both Kazuya and Mizuhara know they have feelings for each other. I can say there is some progress here.

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