Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 337 - SUMMARY

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 337

Chapter 337: A disposable life

At the villains' lair, Dabi comments that if the UA Academy students discover the traitor, they will be in trouble. However, All For One tells him that this is not the case, as if Aoyama and his parents succeed, it will be good. But if they fail, then they will have to look for other disposable tools.

On the other hand, Aoyama, who is still crying, is being dragged away by his parents, as they want to take him away.

At that moment, Aoyama remembers what his childhood was like, as he was raised with a lot of love by his parents. He then thinks that his parents must have suffered more than him, as they heeded a rumor "about a guy who granted quirks".

Initially, the quirk Aoyama received was not compatible with his body. However, thanks to the special equipment his parents gave him, he was able to adapt to his new power. In this way, Aoyama began to pursue his dream until... All For One's orders came.

Aoyama's every action was always manipulated by All For One, who manipulated him from the moment he entered the UA Academy, as All Might became a teacher back then.

Once Aoyama finishes remembering all that, he says that he felt a lot of despair after reading Deku's letter and finding out that he also received a quirk. And as he continues to cry, he shoots a laser at Deku, but the attack is reflected thanks to Hagakure's ability, who asks him how he would have felt if the others had died and how he felt when he was with them in the classroom or in the dormitories.

At that moment, and slowly, Hagakure shows a part of her face... She is also crying.

Then the parents, who give their side of the story, try to take Aoyama away, but they are held back by Deku, who uses his black whip and says that Hagakure acted in order not to hurt the others, so, in tears, he asks them to stop acting that way.

After that, Aoyama and his parents are tied on a chair. In front of them are Nezu, All Might, Tsukauchi and the students of the academy (the other teachers are also there). They are analyzing the situation and wondering when Aoyama was given the quirk.

Then Ojiro wonders what would have happened if Hagakure had not discovered anything. Meanwhile, Kirishima gives a shout, asking Aoyama to say that everything is a lie.

Moment later, Tsukauchi asks them to reveal everything they know about All For One, but the father tells him that they know nothing, since they were only following orders and, besides, from the beginning All For One showed them a corpse as a sign of what could happen to them if they failed or lied.

At that moment, Aoyama, who is crying, starts to say that he is just a dirty and disgusting villain, but Deku tells him that he is not, since if he was, then he would not have tried to help Tokoyami and Bakugo at the training camp nor would he have asked for help in the message he left on the cheeses.

And as Aoyama continues to cry, Deku tells him that those tears are not because he didn't obey All For One, but because he doesn't want to betray his friends.

In this way, Deku tells Aoyama that no one can be a villain for the rest of his life just for committing a crime.

"You can still become a hero!!" says Deku as he extends his hand towards Aoyama.

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