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Welcome to a new section of MangaLatam called "How did it end?", where I will tell you how your favorite series (manga, anime or light novels) ended.

And to start with the first article of this new section, today I will tell you how the light novel Gamers! ended, which had an anime adaptation in 2017 and had 12 episodes.

Before I start, I comment you that the anime adapted the first 5 volumes of the light novel. So I will start with this summary from volume 6.

Okay, so let's get started.


After a rumor of an alleged kiss between Keita and Aguri spreads, Karen and Tasuku team up to search for the culprit.

Meanwhile, Keita and Aguri meet at the family restaurant to discuss the incident involving them, when suddenly Chiaki arrives and joins the conversation.

For a long time, Chiaki was hiding her true identity from Keita, as she didn't want to interfere in the relationship he has with Karen. However, now everything has changed, as she is determined to confess what she really feels.

Thus, Chiaki seeks an opportunity to be alone with Keita. And when she finally succeeds, she confesses her feelings to him and also tells him that she is 'Mono' and 'Nobe'. Both of them are under the starry sky, and Chiaki smiles because she is sharing a beautiful moment next to the person she loves.

Faced with such a situation, Keita doesn't know what to respond, as the confession came as a bucket of cold water. But then he tries to calm down. And when he finally organizes his thoughts, he tells Chiaki that he cannot reciprocate her feelings.

Despite the adverse situation, Chiaki smiles and tells Keita that it's okay and that she understands, since, after all, he has a girlfriend. She then apologizes for making him uncomfortable, but also tells him that she is now calmer with herself.

After that, Chiaki and Keita go to find Karen to tell her what happened between them, as they don't want any more misunderstandings. However, Karen unexpectedly avoids them.

As time goes by, the misunderstandings increase. Until one day, it all ends.

Unexpectedly, Tasuku breaks up with Aguri, but not for good, but to start again from scratch.

On the other hand, Karen also ends her relationship, but in her case, it is definitely, since she knows that Keita was with her because of a misunderstanding.

In this way, everything starts again from scratch. Now there are no more misunderstandings... or so it seems.

One day, Keita is talking to Konoha, who has now become his love advisor, and tells her that he still loves Karen. However, and unexpectedly, he realizes that he also has feelings for Chiaki, who is behind him and could hear his confession.

Days later, Chiaki goes on a date with Keita (thanks to Konoha's intervention). And while they are both walking, Karen finds them and challenges Chiaki to a game competition, where the winner will get Keita. But in the end, nothing happens.

After that, Keita and Aguri decide not to meet again until they return to their respective couples, as they don't want to cause any more misunderstandings. However, one day, Aguri calls Keita and asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend in front of some relatives.

At first, Keita didn't want to accept, but because Aguri insisted a lot, he ends up accepting.

The situation is very complicated for Keita, as he doesn't know how Tasuku will react. However, to his good fortune, Tasuku understands what is happening. So when the two meet at school, Tasuku thanks him for helping Aguri.

Little by little, Tasuku and Aguri's relationship grows even stronger. There are fewer misunderstandings now. And while they both enjoy the good time they are having, on the other hand, Chiaki makes her move.

In this way, and shortly after Valentine's Day is over, Chiaki plucks up the courage and finally kisses Keita (she does it by force). Also in the scene is Karen, who is perplexed.

After that fortuitous kiss, Karen is more determined to fight for Keita's love. She will now go all out with everything she has. So she invites Chiaki to her house for a competition, where the winner will get Keita.

In the end, Keita chooses who to stay with. And although it was initially a very difficult decision, he later realizes that there is only one main heroine for him. Thus, he asks Karen to be his girlfriend, to which she gladly accepts.

Faced with such a situation, Chiaki accepts her defeat with a smile. And although she knew what she was exposed to, she has no regrets.

Now that Keita and Aguri have returned to their respective couples, they finally meet at the family restaurant, where they make a vow of friendship, although it seemed more like a confession of love, which is misinterpreted by Karen and Tasuku, again.

Days later, Keita meets with Konoha to help her search for a video game. And while they are searching, Konoha begins to feel a little distressed, as she knows that she has very little chance of Keita reciprocating her love. However, she then tells herself that she is not willing to lose to Karen and will do everything she can to make Keita notice her.

However, Keita's feelings for Karen are too strong. He has already made up his mind. And no matter what, he is not willing to let her go again, as he knows that she is his main heroine since the first time he saw her.

And in the same way, Karen also feels the same way about Keita. Now the two of them will write a new story together.

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  1. Thanks man!! Couldn't find the volumes translated and I was dying to know how it ended

  2. Thanks a lot! I really wanted to know how the novel ended. Thanks man!

  3. Man you can't jnow how thankful I was to you ... After ending the anime, I went to look for the LN ending and end up on some old reddit post saying that Keita and Aguri were ending together or some bs ... I couldn't believe it and you honestly saved my day. I wish we could have a full manga version but it seems it hasn't been translated. But yeah thank you so much ♥

    1. Any possibility of season 2 I heard it was going to premiere in 2021 at the end of the year or this year but there was setbacks from covid you think it will happen?

    2. There's no need for a second season cause the light novel is over. But who knows, maybe there is chance, but it would be a little one.

  4. I'm really glad he chose Karen TwT

  5. now im at ease knowing that keita and karen end up together.

  6. Thank you so much, now I can sleep without any worries

  7. Man I know everyone liked Karen, but honestly I was more of a fan of Chiaki. They were one in the same and meant for each other. Its even mentioned multiple times that they are soulmates. Karen is cool but Chiaki was the better choice.

    1. She was the only one who liked him for he was from beginning

    2. Ikr i kinda tough he was ganna date the 3of them if he did for me its a way better ending

  8. I honestly don't like the ending I don't even want a second season anymore

  9. Thanks. Like the rest I can sleep well at least this week

  10. I never liked Chiaki and the fact she first confessed when he was still with Karen, even if it was a misunderstanding is the behavior of a slut.

    I am so so glad this ended with Karen x Keita

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