Gharel, the legend of a warrior

Gharel, the legend of a warrior

Seventeen years ago, a great war broke out across the world, resulting in the breakup of the Erkoren clan.

In the present, we see Gharel Tolakar, a 15-year-old boy who has arrived in the great city of Mittel with a single goal: "to stop the great war". To do so, he must train hard and, at the same time, finish school, where he will begin his great adventure.

Author: Kevin Vega

Genre: Action, adventure, fantasy, romance

Status: Ongoing


Chapter 1 - Part 7
Chapter 1 - Part 6
Chapter 1 - Part 5
Chapter 1 - Part 4
Chapter 1 - Part 3
Chapter 1 - Part 2

Kevin Vega

Administrador principal de MangaLatam. Ingeniero industrial y escritor en mi tiempo libre. twitter instagram


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