Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 276 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 276

Chapter 276:

Short spoiler.

And spoilers are back...! More 💤 of all romantic comedies: Kanokari.

Well, there's not much to tell. As we already know, Kazuya always blushes whenever he sees Chizuru doing something. And now that he has her face to face, he starts to imagine having sex with her.

And once the neighbor leaves, Chizuru asks Kazuya if he's okay, but he doesn't say anything, since he fainted.... (he couldn't hold the emotion 😂). Not only that, but he started bleeding from his nose.

Seeing that, Chizuru, who is now also blushing from everything, apologizes to Kazuya (of course, after exciting him so much, it's the least she can do). And so, as the seconds pass, Chizuru stares at him.

After that, Kazuya is still passed out while Mini and Chizuru are talking. Chizuru tries to explain the situation, saying that Kazuya's nosebleed is because of the effort he made.

And while the two are still talking, Kazuya, who had actually woken up recently and was listening to their conversation, says that Chizuru is a liar for telling Mini that his bleeding was because of the "effort". But he also says that it's better to leave it at that so as not to cause trouble.

And so we come to the end of this chapter, although there are still a few more scenes, but they're not worth telling.

Next time: "more author trolling".

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