Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 323 - SUMMARY

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 323

Chapter 323: One step

Before going to look for Deku, the Class A students talk to Nezu about the barrier at the academy, as it is important to show everyone that it is very effective. However, Iida mentions that if they manage to bring Deku peacefully, then it will be more than enough to calm the civilians.

Hearing that, Nezu tells him that he disagrees, as it won't be enough. He also mentions that Deku is the heroes' trump card, so it is important to protect him in a good barrier.

This whole protection system increased after the incident that happened in Tartarus Prison, as Nezu took it upon himself to improve the security systems, making the academy move now.

And not only that, now the academy is divided into smaller zones, where each of them are connected to various motorized transport devices. All this is protected by a sensor that detects the slightest movement, because if an invasion were to be detected, all the zones would be transported to a subway area, which is connected to various routes in the country.

At that moment, Kaminari interrupts Nezu's explanation and mentions that all this seems to be taken out of some robot fiction.

Nezu then goes on to explain the security implementations he made, where one of them is that the subsoil surrounding the entire academy has been covered by three thousand layers of metal plates, which will detect any anomaly, and then activate the security systems.

In addition, the plates also serve to delay the villains, giving civilians time to evacuate to subway shelters. Likewise, other academies have also improved their security systems and created subway routes.

Hearing that, Tokoyami comments that the director has really prepared for everything, as the metal plates are a good way to stop Shigaraki's Decay. He also mentions with some humor that the director likes to spend money, but that it's okay, as those kinds of precautions will be very important in the future.

Back to the present, many civilians do not agree with Deku's return. And among the crowd, Deku's mom and the other parents of the students can be seen.

Then number 13 comments that the vast majority were not convinced by Nezu's speech.

It is at that moment when Best Jeanist intervenes and starts talking to the civilians to explain that they used Deku as bait to lure the villains, but still to no avail. He also tells them that Deku is the best weapon the heroes have. So he asks them to let him in, since that's the best they can do.

At that instant, the civilians get even angrier, saying that the heroes have failed again and that, because of that, now they have to take the risk of being attacked.

And as the civilians continue to shout, Uraraka grabs Mic's megaphone and uses her quirk on herself to float above the protesters and head towards the roof of the academy.

In this way, Uraraka begins to give her speech, mentioning that Deku has a very special power, when suddenly the civilians interrupt her, telling her that for that reason he must leave the academy. However, Uraraka tells them that it was precisely for that reason that Deku had left, desperately moving away from everyone.

At that moment, Uraraka asks the civilians to look at Deku's appearance. And upon seeing him, some civilians get scared.

Then Uraraka mentions that Deku really wants to change things, and for that reason he kept moving just for the sake of others.

Suddenly, a woman, who had previously been saved by Deku, intervenes and mentions that she gives her support for Deku to stay.

Gradually, the civilians begin to accept Deku. And seeing that, Nezu says to himself that sometimes taking the first step is very difficult. At the same time, he thinks that Deku will become a hero that even surpasses All Might.

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