Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 328 - SUMMARY

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 328

Chapter 328: Connected, Connected

A month ago, when the Tartarus prison break occurred, there was one prisoner who was very happy, as he was finally able to regain his freedom to continue harassing women.

However, Stain suddenly appeared and killed him. He was very interested in acquiring all the information from the prison, so he quickly went to the guard room. But when he got there, he noticed that the guards were dead, except for one.

That one guard who was alive tried to protect the records of the prison's security system. However, Stain easily took them from him. Faced with such a situation, the guard told Stain that such information cannot fall into Shigaraki's hands, and then asks him if he is a man or beast, to which he replies that he is a beast fighting for a more just society.

After that, Stain came out of the guard room and saw All For One gathering his followers and preparing to leave. Then, to respect the guard's will, Stain decided to leave on his own, jumping into the sea and swimming out.

After some time, All Might, who had previously had a chance encounter with Stain, handed Tsukauchi the chip he obtained. He then went to the students' room.

Returning to the present, All Might meets with Tsukauchi, who looks very tired and with dark circles under his eyes, to see what information he got from the chip.

The two then begin to talk about the Tartarus prison break, and comment that All For One was able to escape because he connected his consciousness to Shigaraki's body, which generated a shockwave, ultimately disabling the security systems.

However, All Might comments that something doesn't add up for him, since in the case of One For All the connection is usually unidirectional. That is, the "vestige of All Might" can get information from the outside, but the "real All Might" cannot know what is going on in the One For All world.

There was one exception, though, and that was when All Might held the hand of Deku, who was then in the hospital. In that case, All Might was able to perceive a little bit of what the vestiges were discussing.

Then, given the information they both have, they find it strange that All For One was able to connect his consciousness with Shigaraki's body, since, after all, he was trapped 500 meters under the sea. So they conclude that perhaps All For One used another method.

Quickly, they analyze that the shock waves were not only to disable the security systems, but also to send a message. Then, they begin to search the prison security system records, and find that the "electricity meter" formed a "conversation". Not only that, they also discover that Shigaraki's body will be ready in 38 days.

Upon hearing that, Sansa says that this information does not match the information they have from the hospital, as Shigaraki's body is supposed to be ready in two months.

All Might also says that this all seems very strange to him, but that they will put the hospital information on the back burner for now. Thus, there are only 3 days left for Shigaraki's body to be ready.

On the other hand, there are several international heroes gathered in "a certain building" (it seems to be the headquarters). Some of them comment that it would be too unwise to send too many heroes to Japan, as it might upset the balance of power of the countries.

However, some heroes disagree with that decision. And one of them says that he wants to help All Might in any way he can.

Then, one of the leaders comments that he could not stop one of his country's heroines, who is currently heading towards Japan with a large fleet.

That heroine is America's number 1 and is named "Star and Stripe", and says that there was no way she would refuse All Might's request for help, whom she considers her master.

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