Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 327 - SUMMARY

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 327

Chapter 327: Rest

Now that things have been settled at the academy, the Class A students take off Deku's clothes and then throw him into the bathtub.

Bakugo then approaches Deku and tells him that he still wants to be number one and that they are still rivals. They both smile and then Bakugo throws water in his face and tries to say "Deku" to him, but in the end he can't, so he just calls him by his name.

Seeing him act that way, Deku smiles and tells Bakugo that he doesn't need to force himself.

Once they get out of the bathroom, the boys go to the bedroom. Deku then asks about Uraraka and they reply that she went to sleep after giving the speech.

Then Deku apologizes for the trouble he caused, but suddenly Ashido asks him about the One For All. And not only she, but also her classmates start asking Deku various questions.

Then, faced with such a situation, Todoroki intervenes and asks his classmates to better let Deku rest, who says that he still can't sleep until he apologizes to All Might, since he said terrible things to him.

At that moment, Deku tries to call All Might, but he suddenly appears and apologizes to him for not helping him.

All Might then tells Deku that he has "new information" and that, although he is not sure about when it will happen, he knows that the next fight is near. He also tells him that he will do everything he can to help him, no matter that his body is weakened.

Hearing that, Deku apologizes to him and tells him that the food he was giving him was very important to him, and that he also started acting in a self-destructive way because he was getting further and further away.

Deku also tells him that from now on they will all work together and protect each other. Hearing that, All Might thanks him and says goodbye, as he has to go talk to Endeavor.

Once All Might leaves, the boys ask why Endeavor doesn't return to the academy, to which Todoroki tells them that due to the Toya incident, there is a possibility that the civilians might not feel comfortable seeing him.

Todoroki also says that the civilians probably won't want to see him, since, after all, he is Endeavor's son and Toya's brother.

Todoroki then says that he wants to free himself from the chains that bind him so that, in this way, he can show that he is different, and also because he wants people to be comfortable with him.

Unnoticed, Deku fell fast asleep. And seeing him in that state, the boys comment that he finally seems to be more relaxed.

Then Jiro meets with Momo, Tokoyami, Bakugo and Kaminari, and tells them that they are planning to do an activity to calm everyone's stress.

Hearing that, the boys say it's a good idea and also comment that from now on they must fix the mistakes of the past. To do that, everyone will now give their best.

On the other hand, Hawks tells Best Jeanist that based on the information they have, Shigaraki's body will be complete in about 2 months.

It is also revealed that the villains, who were defeated by Deku, said that All For One asked them to take them to One For All before his body is ready. So if the heroes want to take the lead, then they will have to attack a month earlier.

Meanwhile, Endeavor, who is flying over Hawks and Best Jeanist, who are in a car, joins the conversation. They comment that the information Stain gave All Might, more seemed like a love letter. However, they also say that the real information was in a chip that was in the knife.

On that chip is the records of Tartarus' security system.

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