Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 329 - SUMMARY

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 329

Chapter 329: The West arrives at the last second! An incredible overload is here

Surrounded by several Nomus, All For One, who is seated on a throne, comments that he was able to hide thanks to the chaos caused by the other prisoners who escaped from the Tartarus prison, and of course, also because they hindered the police investigations.

Then All For One says that escaping from Tartarus prison was their short-term goal, and that getting the One For All is medium-term. Hearing that, Spinner is confused, as he thought that was the ultimate goal.

However, All For One tells him that it is not, as for his whole life he has been waiting for a chance, and now he feels that he is getting closer and closer to getting the One For All.

Then it is revealed that All Might has defeated all the criminal organizations in Japan, but even so, there are still many villains in the world. And those same villains have contact with All For One. However, none of them can do anything thanks to the heroine "Star and Stripe", who is the strongest woman in the world and an unbreakable wall.

Then All For One says that this is like a bet, because if "Star and Stripe" gets to the villains, he will be in trouble. But if they are able to steal her quirk, then they won't have anything to worry about anymore.

All For One also says that Spinner has so far been acting as his bodyguard. However, very soon that will change, as there is one "thing" that only Spinner can do.

On the other hand, in the city, there is a Spinner poster that says "Spinner is our spokesman". And on the spot is Spinner meeting with some members of the Paranormal Liberation Front, who tell him that even though Re-Destro has been captured, the seeds of liberation will still be planted.

Tomoyasu then contacts them by phone to ask them to gather more soldiers, as he wants to make the League of Villains the face of liberation, just as Re-Destro wanted.

Meanwhile, Hawks and Best Jeanist are in a car talking about Star and Stripe's arrival, since, as soon as she arrives in Japan, they will talk to her to discuss the strategies they will use.

At that moment, they receive a sudden call from Tsukauchi, who tells them that Star and Stripe contacted him to tell him that, just 50 km from arriving at her destination, she met "him".

That person is Shigaraki, who is flying. Then, faced with such a situation, Star and Stripe asks him if he is the villain All For One, to which he replies, "Who knows? I wonder who I am."

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