Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 330 - SUMMARY

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 330

Chapter 330: I and I

Continuing with the events of the last chapter, one of the pilots of the plane tells Star and Stripe that the person in front of her is Shigaraki and not All For One. He also tells her what abilities he has.

At that moment, a force field is activated, and the pilot asks Star and Stripe if they are going to attack or retreat, to which she says it is obvious what she will do.

Then, the pilot and Star and Stripe make a formation and initiate their attack, while Shigaraki says to himself that for some reason he feels weird, as he knows that at this moment he is acting himself, but at the same time he feels that All For One is in control of his body.

Quickly, Shigaraki starts his attack, throwing various techniques, which are easily dodged.

Then Shigaraki says that this is like a contest to see who touches the other first, but Star and Stripe knows what she has to do. So she uses a technique around Shigaraki, who starts bleeding from his eyes and also has difficulty breathing.

Star and Stripe's quirk is called New Order, which allows her to impose a new rule on the person who is touched.

Then, while Shigaraki is suffering because of the attack, the pilots start firing lasers at him quickly. They think they have won, but Star and Stripe tell them not to be overconfident.

Shigaraki then mirrors the lasers, where one of them goes towards Star and Stripe, who uses her quirk to grab the laser.

As the seconds pass, Shigaraki's body regenerates, and then he jumps off the Nomu to approach Star and Stripe, who quickly punches him.

Star and Stripe then tells herself that she can only use two rules at a time, and one of them is that she always uses super strength.

Suddenly, Star and Stripe tells Shigaraki a bit about her past.

Back then, Star and Stripe, who was a little girl, was saved by an exchange student who came from Japan. That person was All Might, who saved her sister.

From that moment on, All Might's "antenna-shaped" hair was engraved in Star and Stripe's mind. Moreover, she also considered him as her spiritual teacher. It is for that reason that she made her hair look like All Might's, as she wants to contribute even more in maintaining peace.

Hearing that, Shigaraki gets angry, as everyone talks about All Might, no matter what country they are from, to which Star and Stripe tells him that it is for that reason that he is known as the symbol of peace.

Then Star and Stripe says that if Shigaraki moves one more centimeter, his heart will stop beating.

Meanwhile, inside Shigaraki's body, All For One has taken over his body 98%. And as Shigaraki's hatred increases, they begin to become one.

This new being that is forming is neither Shigaraki nor All For One, it is a completely new one.

Then, Shigaraki exclaims "No!" as he shakes his head from place to place. And upon seeing him, Star and Stripe are a bit surprised, as Shigaraki's heart hasn't stopped as it should have. She wonders if he really is Shigaraki.

Suddenly, All For One begins to speak through Shigaraki, saying that if he hates him, then he has to hate him even more, as that will usher in a brighter future for both of them.

As Shigaraki's eyes turn white, he begins to remember his home, as it was at that moment that his hatred began.

Suddenly, a huge explosion surrounded by black lightning occurs.

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