Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 214 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 214

Chapter 214: The girlfriend and paradise - Part 27

After Chizuru runs away, Kazuya walks over to a chair and sits down while remaining silent.

Meanwhile, Chizuru, who is in her room, is agitated and blushing. And after catching her breath, she looks at the text message that came to her. Then, a little agitated, Chizuru replies to the message, telling to "wait for her a little longer".

Seconds later, Chizuru receives another text message, saying, "Wait for you in the lobby."

Thus, Chizuru rushes out of the room. And as she is running, she remembers what happened moments before, when Mami sent her a text message, telling her that she couldn't wait any longer and that, apparently, Grandma Nagomi found out the truth.

At that time, Chizuru asked Mami to please give her a little more time, as she was going to find a way to work things out. However, Mami just blew her off. And seconds later, Kazuya suddenly appeared.

Once Chizuru finishes remembering that, she starts thinking about the actions that Mami is doing, as she contradicts herself in everything she had told her before. And as she keeps running, she remembers when Kazuya was about to tell her "something". Then suddenly, Chizuru starts to blush quite a bit.

Moment later, Chizuru arrives at the lobby and meets Mami, who with a smile greets her.

Then Mami tells Chizuru that she left her hanging because she didn't know what to say back. And as she continues talking, Chizuru tells herself that, somehow or other, she has to make her come to her senses so that she won't tell the truth.

Suddenly, Mami asks Chizuru what she does with the money she earns as a rental girlfriend.

"It won't do any good if I keep hiding it," Chizuru thinks.

Then, Chizuru explains to Mami all the special measures she had to take with Kazuya, since, strangely, weird things always happen around him.

And once Chizuru finishes her explanation, Mami asks her to accompany her to the room, since they have to go look for Grandma Nagomi after all.

"Wait a minute, Mami-san...!!" exclaims Chizuru.

Unexpectedly, Mami takes out an envelope and hands it to Chizuru, telling her that it is her ticket to freedom.

"I want to rent you right here and right now, Chizuru-san," says Mami.

Now we will begin a new story, one in which Mami is the protagonist and which happened when she was in the third year of high school.

In this flashback sequence there is a fetus as the main character.

Next time: "That person".

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