Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 331 - SUMMARY

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 331

Chapter 331: America

After the big explosion, Star and Stripe are thrown backwards at a high speed. She then notices that Shigaraki's hair has grown and wonders why that has happened.

Meanwhile, Shigaraki now knows how Star and Stripe's quirk works, concluding that it has a usage limit, for if it didn't, then she would have killed him in one hit.

Likewise, Shigaraki also realizes that Star and Stripe's quirk has a limit to the rule imposed.

And while Shigaraki is still analyzing the situation, one of the pilots asks Star and Stripe what they are going to do, to which she tells him to send a message to Commander Aghbar.

Upon hearing that, the pilot is a bit surprised, as he knows what "send that message" means. However, Star and Stripe tells him that Shigaraki is no longer just an enemy of Japan, but of the whole world, so she needs to kill him right now.

At that moment, the pilot remembers when he met Star and Stripe, who at that time told him that she was going to take care of him and that they were going to die together as brothers. Once he finishes remembering that, he orders the others to leave.

Star and Stripe then create a new order, causing the atmosphere to solidify 100 times her size, generating an aura around her.

Seeing the aura, Shigaraki knows there is something there, when he suddenly receives a huge punch from the same aura using a technique called "Fist to the ground".

Given the situation, Star and Stripe knows that his technique will not be enough to defeat Shigaraki, since he can regenerate, so she concludes that the only thing left to do is to beat him to death. Thus, Star and Stripe slaps his hands, which is reflected in the aura, which creates an impact and sends Shigaraki flying.

Seconds later, Star and Stripe asks the pilots to fire lasers at Shigaraki so that she can use a "new order".

In this way, the lasers solidify into a single beam and it is then launched by Star and Stripe towards Shigaraki.

Seeing that, the pilots think that with that attack they will finally defeat Shigaraki. But Star and Stripe comments that this is not the case, as it will only serve to hold him off for a moment. She also says that if he were to be defeated by an attack of that level, then Endeavor would have already killed him in the war a few months ago.

Suddenly, Star and Stripe receives a call from Commander Aghbar, who tells her that she has now crossed the line and that the punishment she will receive will be even more severe than taking away her hero's license.

However, that doesn't matter to Star and Stripe, who just asks Commander Aghbar if he is done with the preparations, to which he says yes and that they are "coming any minute".

Despite the situation, Commander Aghbar knows that Star and Stripe's recklessness is what makes his country shine. Now he stares at her as he says that this is the time for her to defeat a villain that even All Might couldn't defeat.

Suddenly, several missiles appear heading towards the fight site.

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