Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 207 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 207

Chapter 207: The girlfriend and paradise - Part 20

At the start of a new day, Kazuya slowly wakes up as he grabs his cell phone to check the time. He notices that it is half past six in the morning, and thinks, "So I fell asleep while waiting for Mizuhara...".

Then Kazuya remembers what happened yesterday and thinks that it was indeed a terrifying day, so he tries to go back to sleep, but when he turns over, he sees Ruka, who is still sleeping, at his side, which causes him to blush quite a bit, as she is very close to him.

And not to lose the habit, Kazuya starts looking at Ruka's breasts as she blushes, which always happens when he sees a woman — it's the only constant in him 😂

Seconds later, Kazuya notices that Chizuru is gone, so he wonders where she went, but suddenly he hears a noise coming from the bathroom. And as he blushes, Chizuru appears and says good morning to him.

Then, the two of them start talking. And as they keep talking, Kazuya thinks that Chizuru is really beautiful — as usual.

Suddenly, Ruka stands up and says good morning to Kazuya, who also responds to the greeting. Then Ruka, who is a bit sleepy, wakes up completely and quickly hugs Kazuya, who tries to get away from her.

Seeing them, Chizuru tells them to get ready because they will go to breakfast at eight in the morning.

After that, they all gather in the dining room for breakfast. Grandma Nagomi asks Chizuru how she slept, to which she replies that the temperature of the room was just right, so she was able to sleep well.

Meanwhile, Kazuya gets to thinking about how great Chizuru is, since she can keep her sanity despite the situation she's in. Then he remembers when she cried on his shoulder, and thinks that today he will definitely confess to her how he feels.

At that instant, Chizuru asks Grandma Nagomi what her plans are for today, to which she replies that she has nothing special to do. And upon hearing that, Kazuya realizes that he will finally have some time alone with Chizuru to confess his feelings to her.

However, Ruka notices Kazuya's intentions, so she intervenes and says, with a smile, that she wants to go to the pool again.

"As I expected from Ruka-chan. She's trying to prevent me from being alone with Chizuru...!", Kazuya thinks.

Subsequently, Chizuru goes to the bathroom. And seeing her walking away, Mami decides to follow her.

In the bathroom, Chizuru remembers when Kazuya tried to confess "something" to her. And while she is pensive, suddenly Mami appears and asks her if she is going to marry Kazuya.

Hearing that, Chizuru is quite surprised, and then, with a smile, she asks Mami what she's talking about.

At that instant, Mami comes a little closer and with a cold look tells Chizuru that she already knows about the wedding ring she has.

Next time: "Mami's proposal".

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  1. Cada vez que sale Mami, el cap es más interesante. Parece que este cap si valdrá la pena.

  2. Bueno sí fue un buen capítulo. Mami es la mejor!

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